Six on Saturday 13/01/18

A day in the garden today! Heaven. There’s still so much to clear up, where does it all come from? The ground is quite wet but at least the frost has gone for a few days. I’ve not been in the garden for a while and it’s amazing how many shoots are appearing, especially as it’s been quite cold and frosty. Here are my six for this week –

1. I have two fairly large compost bins. The left hand one is cooking and the right hand one is full of this autumns clippings and prunings. I bought a new shredder this spring and put most waste through this to help it to compost quicker and also to be able to fit more in the bin. However –


I’ve run out of room! I now have five large bags of garden waste lurking in the compost area and there’s still a lot of cutting down to do. I obviously need another bin but can’t work out how to fit one in. I had a look in the left hand bin and the compost is looking about ready to use but it’s not the right time to spread it. Dilemma.

2. Fuchsia ‘Lottie Hobby’ has been flowering non-stop since June and still looks good. It’s been under the Birch tree for many years. The dilemma here is that there are a lot of snowdrops coming up behind the fuchsia that won’t be seen. I can’t bear to cut it down and I’m sure that the cold had caught Lottie by this time in previous years and so I’d cut her down. I think she’s getting hardier as the years go by. It also shows that I should put more thought into where I plant bulbs!


D04600C3-4ACA-4505-86D2-228D9E73FD3E3. No dilemma with this one. I featured Lonicera fragrantissima a while back. It’s now lost virtually all of its leaves (in a mild winter it can retain a lot of them) but is covered in tiny, highly fragrant flowers. I walk past it every day as it borders the drive and always have to pause tonhave a sniff.

BEC4F525-87D3-48B3-A2C5-3F0859FEF7624. Years ago I grew Helleborus foetidus, the stinking hellebore. I don’t find it’s smell particularly offensive but did find, after a few years, that it was very promiscuous with seedlings forming mats in the border. I spent quite a bit of time over a couple of years ruthlessly weeding them out and have been without this particular hellebore for quite a while now. Out of the blue a seedling appeared last year and it’s now starting to flower. I love the lime green colour, it stands out so well against the dark leaves. The flowers on the original plant had a red edge to them so it will be interesting to see if these do when they open up. I must remember to cut the flowers off before the seed ripens. It’s growing in the middle of a Clematis!


5. A disappointment next. Narcissi seem to be up very early this year in some parts of the garden and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the flowers on this clump that are at the base of Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Diablo’. Sadly, there aren’t any – they’re all blind. It’s not a problem I’ve had before. They’ve been there for many years and I don’t think I’ll be able to dig them up as I’d damage the Physocarpus roots too much. What do I do?

F6ABFFA5-9C4F-4C4D-91B7-BF6DBC4BBE6C6. I don’t have any snowdrops that are actually open but these are nearly there! I divide clumps after flowering most years to spread the joy. I have singles and doubles but don’t know any names.

4CCD6A40-42A4-47BF-8283-530B773F196EThat’s my mixed six for this week. Thanks for looking and don’t forget to visit our hosts site at

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