Six on Saturday 03/02/18

Back into the garden at last! So much time lost to flu that can’t be regained. At least I could do some virtual gardening by reading all of the sixes. Thank you.

It’s a very uplifting time of the year in the garden I think, all of those shoots peeping up above the ground, bulbs starting to flower and climbers bravely starting their ascent. Just what the doctor ordered.

1. It’s taken several years but my snowdrops have finally started to clump up well. I split some of the clumps last year to spread them around the garden a bit more but I can see these from the house. I don’t know the variety.


F306A659-CA20-4611-A454-1064DC989FE72. The hellebores have come on really well. I love the really dark coloured ones but don’t have anywhere to grow them where the light will come from behind them. My two original plants were a very pale spotted one and a mid pink one. I’ve moved seedlings around the garden putting them, mostly, towards the back of the borders. That way they can have their moment of glory at this time of year and then their leaves act as a foil for other more showy things in the summer.

Thengroup below are in a narrow north-facing border under the Amelanchier and in front of the glasshouse where not a lot else grows. Geranium Rozanne scrambles over them in the summer

4AE0BF44-2971-4995-A5CF-96219224D8343. This one was a bargain buy labelled as ‘possibly double’ and looked very sorry for itself. It only has two flowering stems but will definitely be staying.


4.There are wooden fence panels virtually all around our garden that I try very hard to cover. Across a run of four six foot panels at the back of the house there is a Griselinia littoralis ‘Variegata’, a Pyracantha ‘Orange Glow’, Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ and Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’. It takes a bit of pruning to keep them under some sort of control. The Garrya looks amazing at the moment. In the summer a Clematis scrambles through them all.

691CED25-E25A-4BB1-A79B-EFC83710B7CA5. The shallow pans of bulbs that I planted in the autumn are starting to come into flower. I grow mostly cream and purple crocus as the sparrows shred the yellow ones as soon as the flowers open!

F0759DEB-CC1A-4494-AAED-7B9321091C526. We have a corner plot so most of the garden is at the front and only visible from the landing window! It does mean that I’ve been able to make a wide and fairly deep border for, mainly, herbaceous plants. The border, strangely, seems to get a bit deeper each year. A boundary  Leylandii hedge was removed two years ago and I re-planted with Beech. It’s grown well but I can’t wait for it to shut the world out again and make a beautiful backdrop for the border. I had started to clear through so that the bulbs (there are snowdrops and purple crocus out at the moment) will show, but thanks to the flu it’s definitely a tale of two halves.

8F5265C2-5627-430B-ABC7-FE52E94E6BF9E819F490-5971-43FD-8CA5-66D5CC1A92A7That’s my six for this week, thanks for visiting my garden and thanks to our host,

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 03/02/18”

  1. Of course, in a garden things grow and borders are things. Lawns, on the other hand, are out all year round and so get plenty of washing in the rain. And we all have stories about things shrinking in the wash 😉 Your border looks far better than mine and I don’t have flu as an excuse. I’ve been telling a Leylandii boundary hedge that it’s going to be evicted for a couple of years. I’m a dab hand with a chainsaw and chopping it down will be a nice pleasurable task. It’s grubbing out the roots that’s daunting me and they’ll have to go before I can plant anything else.

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  2. I do like the Garrya elliptica: it’s in my wishlist for next year. About yellow crocuses, I don’t have the same problem with sparrows but now I know it. I will take a look at this regularly …I also see that you had sun these days, it’s been missing here for several weeks. Many clouds, rain and drizzle. The sun, the cold and the frosts arrive in a few days (finally!)

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    1. The sun was yesterday afternoon. I went out and took quick photos as rain forecast for today. Sadly, they were right.
      Have I remembered correctly that you gave details of a lens that you use with your phone to take close up photos?

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  3. Your James Roof is stunning. I hadn’t thought to use one to cover a fence. Good idea. How weird about the yellow crocus. Would love to know why they pick & choose like that – does the yellow attract a certain pest or something that the purple don’t? And of course, that bargain hellebore . . . just wow . . .

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