Six on Saturday 30/12/17

New Year’s Eve eve! Where did that year go? Looking back, I’ve managed to keep on top of most of the garden most of the time so I’m happy. Joining the six group has been great fun and I look forward to the ‘visits’ to other gardens each week. I don’t think my small garden will provide enough material for weekly blogs in the new year but I’ll see how it goes. Here’s this weeks offering.

1. It’s been really windy here, yesterday and today, and the taller seedheads have been badly hit. After I took the photos this morning I cut most of them down.

2. Another casualty of the high wind. I don’t grow many roses but have five David Austin ones plus some Clematis growing up ropes and posts in the front garden. Sadly, the first post has rotted off and blown over. I’ve propped it up for now but will have to speak kindly to the non gardener about replacing it. I’m a bit worried about the rose roots though. This particular one is ‘Graham Thomas’. As it’s growing up a post it reaches six to seven foot high and flowers all summer and well in to the autumn.


3. I deadhead the roses very regularly through the season to keep them flowering and so they don’t develop many hips. These belong to ‘Graham Thomas’ and a small cluster flowering variety called, I think, ‘White Swan’.


4. Hakonechloa macro ‘Variegata’ grows at the front of a small border. I bought one plant many years ago and have slowly divided it. The border is contained by sleepers and the grass looks lovely as it grows up and falls over the edge. In between the clumps of Hakonechloa I’ve planted snowdrops. As they come up I cut the grass down, then, as the snowdrop leaves start to go over, the grass covers them up. The snowdrops don’t show up very well in my photo but they are there!


5. This evergreen fern grows at the base of the Birch tree. It looks so glossy and goes through to March/April when I cut the old fronds off. I don’t know the variety, another sale table plant, so if anyone has any suggestions…..


6. A plant not in my garden. We spent Christmas in Cornwall and while out for a Boxing Day walk came across these Snowflakes, Leucojum, growing in the hedgerow. Beautiful.

BD0D5D1D-3418-47AC-97ED-1796A20D3353I’ve enjoyed sharing my garden with you, thank you for dropping in. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year with perfect gardening weather.

Thanks to our host –

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 30/12/17”

  1. I did a double take of the fern when I saw it, I have a nearly identical one in front of a nearly identical fence. Thought for a moment you’d visited us while in Cornwall though we went further afield for Christmas warmth. It’s Cyrtomium falcatum.

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  2. That fern is stunning. Such a nice photo of the hakonechloa. Hopefully you’ll show us a photo of it bending over the sleepers later in the year. Am amazed at your rosehip crop, especially since you deadhead all summer. They’re such a great dot of colour this time of year & you’ve got scads of them! Good luck w/the post repair.

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