Six on Saturday 17/09/22

The overnight temperature has been averaging 12 – 14C for the last couple of weeks but on Thursday night it went down to 8.2C and last night was a low of 5.4C. Brrrrr. It’s interesting to see how some of the plants are rallying after the heat and drought. A Hydrangea whose leaves were completely crisped now has new leaves shooting, but would they have been next years leaves? Time will tell.

  • The high glasshouse temperatures have, not surprisingly, had a detrimental effect on a lot of the plants in there. The Thunbergia and Ipomoea lobata that are growing across the roof have defoliated but are now showing some signs of re-shooting though with the cool overnight temperatures I don’t think that they’ll come to much. The pots of Achimenes are later flowering but adding some bright colour.
  • Michaelmas Daisies are slowly opening and adding a very different feel to the borders. ‘Monch’ has been flowering for several weeks and has been joined by the shorter, larger flowered violet-blue Aster amellus ‘King George’
  • Solenostemons add colour to pots although some do better than others. Cuttings of ‘Lord Falmouth’ overwinter well and make good sized plants.
  • The front garden very much looks after itself. It’s planted with mostly perennial plants, a lot of which self seed around. The Stipa gigantea is many years old and looked lovely in the morning sunshine yesterday (photo at top).
The Verbena bonariensis has got very tall this year and most plants of it are growing at rather jaunty angles. A cat continues to sit in the Carex despite me putting Holly leaves in there!
  • Many of the Clematis are covered with crispy brown leaves but C. tangutica ‘Bill MacKenzie’ hasn’t paused in its flowering. It started in May and is now covered with silky seedheads alongside the new flowers.

  • Dahlia of the week this week is ‘Tartan’. Well, I bought it this year as a young plant labelled as such but it doesn’t match on-line pictures. Whatever it’s name I’m very pleased with it.

The richer colours are definitely coming to the fore in the garden now alongside the grasses. I’ve been taking Salvia, Penstemon and Solenostemon cuttings this week and I finally ordered my Tulip bulbs. That’s a few things off of the to-do list.

Have a good weekend and I hope the weather is kind for you. There’s lots of other gardens and plants at

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 17/09/22”

  1. Gosh! Your glasshouse is full of beautiful plants. The coleus is such a vibrant colour. I remember my grandmother growing them from seeds in her small lean-to greenhouse when she was too frail to go out into her garden.

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    1. It’s my first year of growing Kohleria. I’m going to treat it the same as the Achimenes – I dry them off in their pots, brush off the compost, put them in paper bags then pack them in boxes with the Dahlias, Eucomis and Zantedeschia. The boxes spend the winter in the loft. It’s worked for three years now. I’ll also cross my fingers


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