Speedy Six on Saturday 28/05/22

I usually take my photos on Friday but was so engrossed taking out barrowloads of Forget-me-Nots yesterday (it’s only a small garden, how can there be so many?) that I forgot. By the time I remembered half of the garden was in deep shade and the other half was washed in evening sunlight. So here is a speedy, hot off of the camera Six.

  • I grew Incarvilla delavayi from a ‘borrowed’ seedpod a few years ago and have two healthy plants (was three but the usual suspects caused the demise of one) that I keep in pots. The flowers are beautiful but so fleeting.
  • The Dutch Iris are at their peak now. These are in the Dahlia bed which is nearly ready for the Dahlias to be planted in.
I. ‘Sapphire Beauty’ with I. ‘Miss Saigon’ behind and Allium ‘Schubertii’ between them.
  • Last spring I added a couple more climbing roses – ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ and ‘Blush Noisette’. The latter hasn’t started to flower yet but here’s Gertrude. You can’t really miss her!
  • I struggle with the darker coloured Astrantias but this unnamed white one (grown from seed many years ago) does well.
  • I started growing some Hostas again a couple of years ago. They’re in pots by the small froggy pond and don’t have too many holes in them (yet).
  • I’ve been hardening off the half-hardies etc for a couple of weeks now and made a good start planting up the summer pots for the patio. The Begonias spent the winter in the loft and the other plants were overwintered in the glasshouse as cuttings. Now they’re in place I can set the watering system up.

I’m sorry that a couple of photos are a bit fuzzy but it’s been windy here all week and is still blowing a bit this morning.

Thanks for looking in, have a lovely weekend and do make time to check in with the Prop at https://thepropagatorblog.wordpress.com/

10 thoughts on “Speedy Six on Saturday 28/05/22”

  1. You have made great progress with your summer pots. I must empty some of mine and clean them before I can get planting. As for the FMNs I have also cleared armfuls from the garden and there are still more!

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  2. Lovely collection of pots in the last photo. I would love to grow astrantia, but it’s too hot and dry (usually) here, and I have to admire it in SoS gardens. I think it’s such a pretty flower.

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