Six on Saturday 21/05/22

We’ve had more rain this week and as a result the garden is looking very lush. Gardening time has been spent emptying out the winter pots to make room for summer plants and I’ve also started removing some of the Forget-me-Nots.

  • Grasses start coming into their own at this time of the year and my favourite grass has to be Stipa gigantea. The leaves can look a bit messy but the long stemmed, oat-like flowering spikes make up for that many times over.
Stipa gigantea

I find grasses very difficult to photograph, they don’t seem to have enough ‘body’ to them but I suppose that that’s what makes them so beautiful.

  • Also in the front garden is Carex elata ‘Aurea’ whose foliage stays this bright all year round.
Carex elata ‘Aurea’ – Bowles’ Golden Sedge
  • It rained quite a lot at home while we were away for four days over last weekend and it gave the Clematis a real boost. The buds on C. ‘Dr Ruppel’ were quite small when we left and on our return I was amazed to see some of them open. There’s a Clematis ‘Black Tea’ sharing the obelisk but that one flowers a bit later.
Clematis ‘Dr Ruppel’
  • In the same small bed is Nandina ‘Firepower’ and it certainly lives up to its name with the sun shining on the new growth.
Nandina ‘Firepower’
  • Foxgloves seed themselves around and some years there are quite a few and other years not so many. I move them around in the autumn but didn’t get around to it last year. As a result there are too many in this small border but they’re having their moment. As soon as they go over I’ll remove most of them to give the poor plants underneath some daylight.
Digitalis purpurea
  • So many plants are coming into flower but foliage still plays an important role. As the flowers of Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ fade the foliage takes centre stage. This plant brightens the area beneath a Hydrangea. It’s quite a dry spot, not ideal for the Brunnera, but the combination of the dark Hydrangea leaf and this frosted leaf works well.
Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’

Goodness – six already and I really want to show this pot of Tulips. As they were in last weeks Six I don’t think that they really count as an item in their own right this week so, here they are on the 14th of May

Tulip ‘Royal Georgette’

and here they are a week later

That’s quite a colour transformation.

The Non-Gardener is on an away-day tomorrow so I’ve planned a whole day in the garden – it’s definitely getting away from me at the moment. I will also make time to see the things other Sixers have chosen and so can you at

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 21/05/22”

  1. Super tulips, thanks for including them. Wow ,what a tall foxglove, they are one of my favourite cottage garden plants. Grasses and clematis are on my garden shopping list. Now just where to put them?

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  2. What about Carex seeds? I cut them otherwise I have them everywhere in the garden but it’s a shame because it damages the plant shape.
    Here also the nandina and the brunnera are in full growth and eye catching

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  3. Oh, my goodness, those tulips! Like you I also have a lot of foxgloves this year – mine are just the bog-standard ones from the hedgerows. I did move a few around, but the ones about to flower will be removed after they have done their time.

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