Six on Saturday 23/04/22

There’s not been much gardening done here for the last few weeks. It’s taking longer than I hoped to shake off the after-effects of covid and we’ve also been to Belfast to spend time with family. It’s such a joy to be able to do this with relative ease again. Despite my lack of attendance the garden has grown at quite a pace and I was amazed at how much things had come on in the six days that we were away – especially the Tulips in pots and the Clematis. The weed situation isn’t too bad as we have had very little rain recently but where are the April showers?

  • As I said, the Tulips are getting into their stride. This is the first time I’ve grown this one and I’m really pleased. It’s described as bright orange with raspberry pink flames in the catalogues and is a shade or two lighter than it looks in this photo.
Tulip ‘Queensday’.
  • I grew several pots of dwarf daffodils this year and the latest to flower is N. ‘Hawera’, a very dainty multi-headed variety. I’m going to try these in the ground for next year.
  • Behind ‘Hawera’ is Tulip ‘Hermitage’ which is tangerine-red with a purple flame. It and ‘Queensday’ are more alike than I was expecting/hoping them to be. If I had to choose I’d probably take the latter for its fuller flower.

  • This name-unknown Clematis was still in tight bud when we went away.
  • I have four Epimediums and wish I had room for more as they look so good for such a long time but especially so at the moment as they’re in flower and the new leaves are emerging. I hadn’t realised until recently that they are in the Berberidaceae family.
Epimedium x perralchicum
  • Variegated Honesty self seeds around the garden but not many seedlings make it to the second year thanks to the slugs and snails. Ones that escape the munching add a lovely splash of colour and height to the border at this time of year.
Lunaria annua ‘Variegata’

I’m hoping to get through a lot of dead-heading, tying-in and glasshouse work this weekend. I’ll also be looking at the other Sixes (sorry but I didn’t get around to reading them all last week) courtesy of our host Mr Propagator. Find them all at

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 23/04/22”

  1. Nice choice of tulips this week, my favourite is Hermitage because the colour of the foliage is also interesting. Another plant that has a very pretty foliage in your Six this week: the Epimedium

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  2. It is surprising how much changes in a garden within a week! I was surprised to see most of my tulips in flower on return. ‘Queensday’ and ‘Hermitage’ are lovely colours, there are so many similar ones it is hard to tell unless you grow them. ‘Hermitage’ does have lovely leaves.

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