Six on Saturday 16/04/22

It’s Easter weekend and this is a quick six from my garden.

  • Last week it was a frost damaged Pieris and this week the frost has claimed the new shoots on the Parthenocissus henryana.
  • I’m not sure why but a lot of the biennial wallflowers haven’t survived the winter. It was exceptionally wet for quite a while after I planted them out and I think that the roots didn’t get a chance to develop properly. The variety ‘Fire King’ was the worst affected but this patch of yellow ones is a cheery sight and the scent is wonderful when the sun shines. Apologies for the fuzzy photo – it was windy.
Yellow wallflowers behind a perennial Erysimum.
  • The Narcissi continue to open. This is N. ‘Tresamble’ and I really like it. Despite several attempts I can’t get N. ‘Thalia’ to last from year to year in the garden. Although not as elegant as ‘Thalia’ this one would give the colour that I want.
  • I planted Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’ last spring and it has grown really well. Almost too well (we gardeners are never satisfied) and I may have to move it.
  • In the glasshouse the recently potted up Dahlia tubers are showing lots of signs of new growth.

I mixed peat-free compost with some of my own sieved compost and leaf mould so weed seedlings appear quite regularly on the pots. ‘Weed’ is a loose term as most are things like Verbena bonariensis, Calendula, Digitalis, Atriplex and Cosmos. They’re all lovely plants but you can have too much of a good thing.

  • Also in the glasshouse are a few pots containing Maurandya. I grew this tender climber from seed last year and it grew and flowered fairly well in the glasshouse.
Taken last summer

As the plants grew they formed small tubers that I left in the pots and over wintered them in the glasshouse. They have come back into growth now and will, hopefully, make even better sized plants this year.

I can’t count as I’ve still got one more photo. It’ll have to wait until next week. Or maybe I’ll sneak it in at the end. If there isn’t a bullet point then it doesn’t count!

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you’re doing. With thanks to our host – the esteemed Mr Propagator – for letting us share our gardens.

It’s definitely spring in this part of the main border.

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 16/04/22”

  1. Looking great! The color variation in the Erysmium is very appealing. Don’t you love it when something that you’re told is an annual in your climate manages – by being placed in proximity to the house or in a greenhouse, etc.- to make it through the winter?

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  2. So often I enjoy the growing and emerging plant stage more than the final blooming of things. I like to nurture the babies and then let them do their own thing. So I am excited about your Dahlias and your Maurandya. I got my Dahlias going too early and now they are straining to be outside.

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  3. As I was telling Graeme this morning, I bought ‘Thalia’ narcissus bulbs in the autumn but the heart is a little cream coloured like yours ‘Tresamble’. Maybe I had false bulbs and it’s rather a variety similar to yours? Because it looks a lot like yours.
    Planting my dahlias is on the “to do list” for the weekend! Have a good Easter weekend.

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  4. Like a fool I looked in Ron Scamp’s catalogue to see if he listed ‘Tresamble’. There it is with ‘Thalia’, ‘Niveth’ and ‘Ice Wings’, and that’s just the white Triandrus hybrids. Resistance is probably futile.

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  5. Your garden is looking very colourful at the moment, very springlike. I bought what I thought wer Thalia last year but they are definitely not, maybe more like yours. I already have lots of Thalia and just wanted to increase them, frustrating when they don’t turn out the same.

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