Six on Saturday 19/12/20

Very late to Sixland this week. It’s been such a wet week that photo opportunities have been few and far between so I decided to wait until this morning as the rain was forecast to stop fairly early. It did so and I went out, took some quick pictures with the intention of coming straight back in to write my Six but I spotted some weeds, a grass had succumbed to the wet and needed picking up and, and, and……. It’s now four o’ clock, rain has stopped play again so here is a very quick Six.

  • So much rain means that the herbaceous seed heads aren’t lasting very well. It also means that, like last winter, the Echinacea purpurea seeds are germinating in-situ.
Windblown Echinacea seed heads
  • Although some of the ferns are dying back now the fern wall still has plenty of interest.
Varied textures and leaf shapes
  • I’ve been waiting for the Cobaea scandens that has been growing in a pot on the patio all summer to succumb to the frost as I wanted to replant the pot. It finally stopped flowering and has been replaced with Skimmia ‘Rubella’ for the winter. I’ll plant it out in the garden next year. The Primroses were all supposed to be pale yellow. Hmmmmm.
  • I also planted a C. scandens on the garage side wall and it has grown up through Solanum jasminoides ‘Glasnevin’. It has flowered quite well and has a lot of buds still to come. I’m going to leave this one alone and see if it survives the winter as this border is fairly sheltered.
Potential flowers all along a twining stem
  • I’ve grown this Antik Geranium for a few years now, starting from cuttings each spring. It grows 3 – 4 feet in the season and flowers fairly prolifically. I just wish I liked the colour of the flowers a bit more. I’ve composted the other pot but the leaves on this one coloured up well, although with the rain and wind this week it’s gone past it’s best.
  • The blue sky and sunshine didn’t last long but plants always look good in the low level sunlight. This is part of a border that I redid in the summer with, mainly, Hylotelephium (nearly wrote Sedum then) and grasses.

That’s about the quickest I’ve written a Six! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and don’t forget to spend part of it catching up with the other Sixes at

It seems to take me until around Wednesday to look at them all but I get there eventually. There are quite a few Sixes that I am unable to ‘like’ anymore and an increasing number that I am unable to comment on either but I love reading them all.

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 19/12/20”

  1. The trio of pots looks fabulous, and the border looks good too. Lots of colour there, still. I am having trouble liking/commenting on posts as well, but I have doing it on an iPad and I’m wondering if that’s part of the problem.

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  2. I am new to the six on saturday and am amazed at how much everybody has to share – even when they think they don’t. I know exactly what you mean about seeing things you don’t want to (weeds) when you go out looking for something to photograph so it is lovely to focus on the things you are enjoying at the moment.


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