Six on Saturday 26/12/20

When I looked at the weather forecast on Christmas Eve this morning was going to be cold and sunny. It was a great disappointment to wake up to rain (just for a change). This means that this year of Sixes finishes with some soggy photos. My garden has meant even more than usual to me this year and keeping an eye out for six things each week, without too much repetition, has also helped keep my sanity. I don’t think I’ve missed a week this year, though I may do so in the depths of the coming winter. We’ll see.

  • I rooted a lot of cuttings in the Hydropod this year but was a bit late taking the Penstemon cuttings. They rooted well but there wasn’t time to harden them off so they’re spending the winter in the glasshouse, along with many other plants.
Rooted Penstemon cuttings
  • Also under cover are most of my succulent pots. A lot of them are hardy but it’s too wet outside and I don’t have anywhere else undercover for them.
The nursery section
  • Going out into the rain, back in the summer I planted out a Pieris that has been in a pot for many years. It was a cutting that my dad had rooted not long before he died (16 years ago!) and it has slowly grown and been repotted several times over the years.
Unknown Pieris
  • I decided to plant it out next to a larger Pieris ‘Forest Flame’ that has grown into quite a large shrub over the years. Pieris like an acid soil and mine is very alkaline. When I planted the original plant out I dug a hole, sank a large bag of ericaceous compost into it, having first pierced several holes into the bottom of the bag and planted into this. Each year I top dress the area with ericaceous compost and the plant has done well.
P. ‘Forest Flame’
  • The never ending rain means that a lot of the grass seed heads have collapsed a lot earlier than usual but the Pennisetum varieties seem to be faring better.
P. alopecuroides ‘Red Head’
  • Between Christmas preparations (still a lot to do for three) and the weather there’s not been much chance to get outside and garden this week. On a trip to the compost bin I was looking at the seed heads of Clematis orientalis ‘Bill MacKenzie’ thinking that they were past their best and noticed something red among the mass of tangled stems. The Clematis grows up a trellis that ‘hides’ the compost area and also has a Chaenomeles on it. I usually clear the Clematis in early spring and then the Chaenomeles flowers. It obviously couldn’t wait this winter and so I have now cut the Clematis down.
Chaenomeles x superba ‘Knap Hill Scarlet’

There are a lot of signs of new growth in the borders to take us into the new year, including the above bonus flowers. Fingers crossed tonights forecast storm doesn’t wreak too much havoc.

Thank you to Mr Propagator ( for having the original idea of SonS which allows us to share our gardens with so many people. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year that is filled with optimism. Ann

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 26/12/20”

  1. That’s a dramatic red in No:6, beautiful. I was going to say how like the quince plant it is. On looking it up, of course it is a quince variety. 🙄🤔 Lovely, healthy cuttings and succulents. Happy New Year and, we hope, a better one.

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  2. What lovely winter color the flowering quince is giving! I noticed this morning one of mine has buds, but I don’t think it’s earlier than usual. It’s one thing I was thrilled to find growing in the yard when I bought the house.

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  3. I have had the same pieris as you (‘Forest Flame’) for 20 years and I did the same at the beginning by adding ericaceous earth in a plastic bag against the roots but I stopped for 5 years. It still continues to grow. No problem.
    Have you had any fruit from your Chaenomeles? I visited some neighbors’ gardens the week before and I made a compote with 4 Chaenomeles fruits ( as you’d with quince so) + 4 apples + 2 kiwis and sugar : everything cut as dice for 4-5 minutes in the microwave. A success with a cake.

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