Six on Saturday 10/02/18

Yet another wet and windy day. Definitely the time to sit indoors thinking about and planning for the season/s ahead. Here’s this week’s six from my garden.

1. A while back I wrote that I had a backlog of composting to deal with. My two main bins were full, one ready to use and one still working, and I also had several large bags full of shredding etc and nowhere to put them. As I still had half a border to cut down and deal with something needed to be done. I was a bit worried about mulching on top of cold ground but after several frost free days took the plunge and got on with it. Then I turned the right-hand bin into the empty left-hand one and emptied all of the bags into the right one. Very satisfying! Very tidy!

2. Resolving the compost area issue meant I could then work through the second half of my large (for a small garden) mainly herbaceous border. I had photos in last week’s Six, the section shown below looks a lot better than last week. The birds seem to have emptied most of the seed heads and I’ve left some grassy/twiggy bits on the ground for nest building.

It looks a bit bare at the moment but there are bulbs poking their noses up all through the border and the majority of the plants have lots of lovely new basal shoots.

82609946-CE23-4C6A-9146-6F25CBC73D313. Whilst clearing I uncovered a clump of emerging bulbs. These have been in the border for at least fifteen years, very slowly increasing. I think they are Chionodoxa. I love the fact that the flowers seem to emerge already open. They are having to do battle with Forget-Me-Nots. The seedlings around them are, I think, from my Alliums.

4. I know Hellebores have featured quite a lot but I was given this one (Harvington double yellow) by a friend. I don’t have a yellow flowered one and it seems to hold it’s flowers up well. It’s staying in the pot until the weather improves. Photo taken in the glasshouse to avoid the rain!

2D53445A-3F78-495F-8D77-DFA9AC2BB7B25. I’m overwintering a lot of the plants that I had in pots and containers last summer in the glasshouse. They are starting to shoot really well already. I don’t have any heat in there (have spoken very nicely to the non-gardening but very handy other half but it doesn’t seem to be very high on the list of to-dos) so everything is covered with layers of horticultural fleece every night.

84F86E65-8103-420B-B815-D82E0F7E98836. In my post on December the 2nd I wrote about my poor Aeonium succumbing to the dreaded vine weevil. The little plantlets that I cut off and potted up are holding their own and the top section of the plant still seems to be alive and well although no roots are visible out of the bottom of the pot. (I’m resisting the temptation to knock it out and look). The base of the stem had no roots left at all. I cut off about an inch and a half, put it into a pot and gave it the live or die talk. Two weeks ago tiny green bumps appeared and look at it now! Roots are visible at the bottom of the pot as well. The other stem in the pot is the mid section. I kept a close eye on which was the bottom/top and figured there was nothing to lose in potting it up as well. No signs of life as yet though.

711E338D-0290-4ED4-922B-CF56D37E2FA1That’s my mixed Six for this week. Thank you for visiting and do head over to our host’s site at to see all of the other contributions. Happy gardening.

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 10/02/18”

  1. I also have Chionodoxa but they have not appeared now. I will look at them tomorrow because not seen since last Sunday. My aeonium looks weird. (It caught cold?) It has lost a lot of leaves and I will probably have to cut it like you to do cuttings even if the stem is healthy.


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