Six on Saturday 12/06/21

I was really hoping that I’d be able to say that I’ve finally finished pulling all of the Forget-me-Nots out of the borders but, sadly, I can’t. I knew there were a lot of them but it’s been ridiculous. I need another compost bin just for them! I must be more ruthless removing them next year (I have a feeling that I said that last year). The SnS have, of course, been having a field day while under cover and the Heleniums have been particularly badly eaten. I’m hoping that there’s time for them to stage a comeback. Meanwhile, here’s six other things going on in the garden this week.

  • Lonicera tellmanniana has been flowering prolifically for a couple of weeks. The volume and colour of the flowers make up for the fact that it’s scentless.

By flowering early this Honeysuckle beats the aphids, unlike L. periclymenum which, in my garden anyway, is infested every year. However, things are different this year.

Sadly, L. periclymenum is even worse. Where are the ladybirds?

  • I was admiring the Verbascums then realised that the Mullein moth had paid a visit
  • It was only a few weeks ago that I was wondering if the rain would ever stop and yet cracks are already appearing in the borders. No wonder this grass that has been swamped by F-me-N as well is suffering.
  • Allium christophii does (too) well for me but ‘Purple Sensation’ has never established itself. I read that ‘Globemaster’ is better at establishing itself so decided to try a few. It’s not as dainty as ‘P. S’ but I like. I planted five but one didn’t show.
  • I’ve not noticed one of these in the garden before – a Speckled Wood butterfly, apparently.
  • A succulent to finish with. I bought it as Tacitus graptopetalum but on the RHS website it’s name is Graptopetalum vellum.

Right, back to the Forget-me-Nots then later off to a bbq with some of the Non-Gardener’s family. First get together since before Covid! Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to make time to peep into everyone else’s garden courtesy of our host

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 12/06/21”

  1. Totally with you on the FMKs – I still keep finding the odd one or two hiding away. Love the yellow honeysuckle, the butterfly and the globemaster allium. So glad I asked about the verbascums last week, the caterpillars are not fun! But all part of the food chain.

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  2. I love the alliums. I don’t have globemaster, but I do have a pale nameless one which has appeared all over the garden and will need some serious removal! The honeysuckle is pretty: it’s a pity about the aphids.

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  3. It’s definitely a good/bad year for aphids, and scarcely a ladybird to be seen. The blue tits seem to be ignoring this banquet too. I’ve seen trying to squirt them off with the hose. Your honeysuckle is looking lovely non the less.

    The Allium Globemaster is looking wonderful and has real presence in the border.

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