Six on Saturday 11/11/17

Autumn has well and truly arrived this week with a couple of frosts, high winds and rain. It’s  starting to look a bit sad in some parts of the garden. I picked the last of the dahlias (knocked back by the frost but not blackened) and the chrysanths in the week. I must try to get the remaining bulbs in tomorrow! I’m sure they’re multiplying in the bags. I had very serious garden envy from other people’s posts the week before last but here’s what’s still looking reasonable in my little patch.

1. I know it’s appeared in other people’s posts but Salvia ‘Hotlips’ just keeps going. I’ve a couple in the garden and intended digging them up and overwintering them in the greenhouse. I’m tempted to leave one in the ground to see what happens. This one is with Salvia ‘Amistad’

B7B3FC2E-84AD-4F34-A06F-C613F2CF5A3E2. A Hydrangea, not sure on variety as I was given it as a cutting a few years ago. It flowered well earlier in the season but has started again quite enthusiastically

ABEC7BB1-9478-40DB-8492-7F0A8B8205583. I left a group of Cannas in the ground last winter – not deliberately, more forgetfully. They appeared above ground quite early this spring but the slugs and snails feasted on them several times. They eventually managed to get to a reasonable height though. Now that I’m thinking of digging them up to overwinter them they’ve decided to flower.

DB4DF4C3-4EAA-4639-B7B1-29B0DFA463C14. I love Heucheras. They mostly do well in my garden although some get a bit crowded out due to too many plants in too small a space. This one is ‘Lime Marmalade’ and it’s such a bright splash of green, even at this time of the year.

6AD8E030-B8BF-46AA-A4A6-217B01E64BFB5. Sorbus  aucuparia ‘Autumn Spire’. I planted  this last autumn as it enables me to have another tree, this time  with autumn colour, that doesn’t take up too much room. It’s only got a couple of berries on but that will, hopefully, improve as it settles in. It definitely has a spire-like habit and the leaves have stayed on well

18E474A1-5A2B-429F-8C21-97841B1CC84E6. I don’t know my fungi names at all but these bright orange toadstools(?) have appeared in several places in the lawn this week. The photo doesn’t really do justice to their bright colour. They also look wet even when it isn’t!


That’s my lot. Thanks to The Propogator for hosting Six on Saturday. I enjoy reading all of the posts.

Six on Saturday 28/10/17

Autumn has really settled in this week but there’s still a lot of colour from flowers and leaves to enjoy. I’ve been planting bulbs where I can but still can’t bring myself to pull out summer bedding that’s looking good. I mentioned my similar dilemma the other week about emptying containers to plant up with bulbs and winter/spring bedding. Someone replied that the answer was easy – buy more pots. I took the advice (thank you John Kingdon). Anyway, here’s this week’s six

1. An example of the bulb planting dilemmaC93912E4-C775-418A-AB66-00D33B12CA99

2. Fuchsia ‘Lottie Hobby’. I’ve had this plant for many years. It’s evergreen in all but the hardest of winters (we’ve not had one of those here for a while) and is quite often still in flower at Christmas. The Heuchera leaves in the photo show how small Lottie’s leaves and flowers are.  I cut it to the ground each spring to stop it getting too tall.

3. Gingko biloba has been on my wish list for a while and I found this one on a sale bench last autumn. The autumn leaf colour is gorgeous.

A197C0BA-E608-43F9-8560-3DD612EA0E984. Ammi majus. I first read about this plant in a Christopher Lloyd book. He recommended autumn sowing but I never manage it! They do quite well from a spring sowing though. Most of mine have passed their best but a couple are still going strong.

1F4D821D-3014-43EF-92AA-5C46398C97A05. Another clematis having a final fling. It’s ‘Madame Julia Correvon’ and lives in an Amelanchier. There’s a lot of flowers a lot higher up!

A291F7E9-9293-431B-A80F-8A1A9011C2716. A Hydrangea. I can’t find the name label any more. It’s a star flowered one, I’m fairly sure it had a Japanese name. The leaves are bronze in the spring and the flowers are white/pinky-red. And then there’s the autumn colour! It’s not a really strong grower but that’s probably as well in a garden this size.

F72CA003-A6DB-4EAD-A73B-29EEFBC4BE0FThank you to The Propogator ( for hosting this.

Six on Saturday 21/10/17

I went out into the garden nice and early today to take some pictures before Storm Brian hit. I’ve moved several of the pots into the greenhouse for 24 hours while the wind blows through. Even the large pots were blowing over in the high winds the other week. Here are my six for this week.

1. Nerine bowdenii. I’ve tried growing this a few times with no success. I think I’m guilty of too many plants in too small a space and so they get crowded out. This year I decided to try some in a pot. Five bulbs, one flowering stem. Not very impressive success rate – it is beautiful though.73FD6CD5-A732-4F4B-BB5A-0CCF1BB2A0512. I have quite a lot of clematis (mostly viticella) growing up and through plants and supports. Several of them seem to be having a final fling including ‘Margot Koster’. It’s growing through a honeysuckle.

E728B98F-3853-420F-9700-945D2FDB2D543. A sedum, not sure which variety. It’s been an absolute bee magnet for weeks. It’s going over now and the colour has been darkening over the last week. I have several clumps of this as I took some cuttings from a friend’s plant a couple of years ago and they all took!52988725-68EC-4C80-821A-9325E2DC9DE14. I bought Geranium ‘Rozanne’ a few years ago as the label said that it would flower in shade. It’s growing between an Amelanchier and a large Pieris in a shady north facing border. It maybe gets a bit leggier than if it was in a more open position but has flowered all summer long.

5BCCE288-ECE1-4B3B-AC3C-798E3E494F755. Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’, I think! A beautiful plant virtually every day of the year

62C9A376-B3E2-47B9-A833-9C2BBEBDA5AF6. Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’. I don’t have room for many roses but grow a few up posts and ropes, including this one. As it grows against a post it reaches a height of about six feet. It’s flowers well into November usually and was looking good this morning but I doubt there will be many flowers left in the morning.

03F64CFB-45AA-4BF9-9E4D-F9756DB4B9F3That’s it for this week. Thanks to the Propogator ( for hosting this. I’m really enjoying seeing snapshots of other people’s gardens and also sharing mine.

Six on Saturday 14/10/17


Autumn is definitely arriving in my little North Somerset garden. My Amelanchier lamarckii ‘Ballerina’ has shed virtually all of it’s leaves already but the clematis growing through it (Madame Julia Correvon I think) is putting on yet another good display of flowers. Anyway, here’s my six for this week

1. The pots on the patio still have quite a bit of colour in them given the time of year. It’s always a dilemma when to strip them out and fill with spring bulbs and bedding

IMG_20582. Talking of bulbs…. I was a bit late ordering mine this year and so only received them a week ago. So much promise in those bags! Thats not all of them either, but that’s another story.

IMG_20573. Another patio pot that’s still looking good is this Begonia. I can’t remember it’s name, it’s a giant form of semperflorens. I didn’t really believe the blurb so only bought one. I wish I’d potted it on once more as I’m sure it would have grown even bigger. It’s flowered non-stop all summer and the foliage is wonderful, even given how windy it’s been here this summer. I’ll definitely be getting it again next year.


4. I really like Persicarias and have had Red Dragon for a few years. I find it difficult in a border as it can be a little enthusiastic. Having acquired a new piece of trellis last year I wondered if I could persuade the dragon to grow upwards instead of outwards. I planted a couple of small clumps at the base last spring and it did okay but has really gone for it this year. Obviously, it doesn’t cling but once a week I tuck the new growth through to the other side and back and it’s topped six feet!

IMG_20685. A proper climber this time, Clematis tangutica ‘Bill MacKenzie’ has been in flower since early June. There’s still some flowers but it’s the seed heads that are so beautiful at this time of year. I grew Eccremocarpus scaber through it which worked really well.

IMG_20616. And finally, another Michaelmas Daisy from my visit to Picton Garden and nursery –  Symphyotrichum ericoides ‘Yvette Richardson’. A little daintiest than some of the others I bought.

IMG_2067That’s my lot for this week. Thanks to The Propagator for hosting these sixes.

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my first attempt at a Six on Saturday (also first attempt at a blog!). It’s all plants this week

My first plant is Schizostylis coccinea ‘Ice Maiden’ (I think we’re supposed to call it Hesperantha coccinea now). I have a three varieties of Schizostylis in my garden, all in various shades of pink. I found this one at a local garden centre a couple of weeks ago and have eagerly awaited the first flowers. It’s very nearly white! Just a touch of pink.

IMG_2016Number two is Begonia sutherlandii. I bought some as small plugs back in April and they have flowered non-stop ever since.

IMG_2020My third choice is Salvia patens. I haven’t grown this for many years and had forgotten what a beautiful colour it is. It’s taken a while to start flowering but is well worth the wait. IMG_2022Number four is another blue flower – Ipomoea tricolour ‘Heavenly Blue’. I sowed the seeds quite late as the plants don’t like the cold and have planted them to grow through many of my climbers. It’s a shame the leaves don’t last. The photo doesn’t do justice to the colour!

IMG_2035A couple of weeks ago I went to Picton Garden and nursery where they hold the National Collection of Michaelmas Daisies. It’s a beautiful garden and, needless to say, I came away with a couple (maybe slightly more) of plants. This is a photo of an unnamed variety of Michaelmas Daisy that I have had for a few years  it doesn’t seem to succumb to the slugs either


Plant six has to be Cyclamen hederifolium. It’s taken me years to get a decent show of these and now the seedlings are popping up all over the place. This particular one is a seedling from a large corm I bought in Amsterdam several years ago

IMG_2044That’s my six for this week. Happy gardening.