Six on Saturday 26/11/22

On the local news the other day they said that we had had something like 130% of Novembers rainfall up to the 20th of the month. And it’s still falling! However, the sun was shining yesterday so that seemed a good opportunity to take this weeks pictures.

  • I’m going to start indoors this week as the Thanksgiving/Christmas Cacti are in full bloom.
  • A couple of weeks ago I showed a picture of Euonymus elatus in its full glory

Just before the leaves fall the red fades to yellow. Most of the leaves have come off in the heavy rain/strong wind but there’s a few left to show the effect.

  • The Alstroemerias seem able to take whatever the weather throws at them and keep flowering regardless. This is A. ‘Summer Lovely’
  • I’ve found it hard to find plants that will grow happily in the little froggy pond. It gets quite shady in the summer which doesn’t suit a lot of aquatic plants. Others just get too big and go for pond domination. I planted Scirpus cernuus in the spring and it’s done well. It’s common name is the Fibre Optic plant which suits it. The Duck Weed has also done well this year 😔
  • Hesperanthus ‘Ice Maiden’ has been flowering for weeks and, although a bit battered by the weather, is still flowering well. When it first comes into flower the blooms are very nearly white but, as time has gone on, they’ve developed a definite blush.
  • Yesterdays late afternoon sun made the Beech hedge look as though it was glowing.

A fairly quick Six this week as I’m off now to run my last workshop of the year.

Thanks to Jim at for taking over the reins. That’s also where you’ll find all of the other Sixes. Have a great weekend.

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 26/11/22”

  1. As a quilter mysef, I am overwhelmed by your georgous quilt. That looks like it took a lot of planning before you even started piecing. Beautiful!


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