Six on Saturday 12/11/22

Thank goodness the end of the week has been drier. We’ve had quite a lot of rain and the little bit of lawn that hasn’t been dug up is fairly well waterlogged. There’s a lot of leaves to be collected and bagged and toadstools appear, seemingly, overnight. It’s a speedy Six this week as we were out last night and I’m working today so here we go.

  • The Dahlias have stopped flowering and just need a frost to cut them down. I’m going to plant the bed with Narcissi and Wallflowers. I bought some bare root plants of the latter a few weeks ago and have put them in pots until there is space to plant them.

I’ve just noticed the toadstool on the left of the picture.

  • The Euonymus is really colouring up now. The sun wasn’t shining when I took the picture but I think that if I leave it until next week then the leaves will be falling.
  • The wet, warmish weather has led to the Echinacea seed heads germinating in situ. This happened a few years ago but I found that the seedlings didn’t transplant very successfully.
  • Alstromerias have done fairly well this year, even in the heat/drought. They stopped flowering a few weeks ago and I thought that they were done but they have put on a growth spurt in this mild weather and are flowering again. This is A. ‘Summer Breeze’ with Salvia ‘Nachtvlinder’ behind it.
  • I finally had time to clear the HHA climbers out of the glasshouse and take down the shading. I’ve cleaned the glass and started getting it ready for the winter. The Non-Gardener has been doing some work in the house and had some PIR board left (like Celotex). I’ve lined the shady side of the glasshouse under the staging with it. It’s not in place yet but I use polycarbonate sheets on the other side so that light can get through.
  • In spring 2021 I sowed seeds of Asarina and Maurandya and they grew and flowered well in the glasshouse. When they died back in the winter I could see that they had made small tubers and so I left them in their pots, covered with fleece. Come the spring they came back into growth and have looked really good this year. This week I cut them down and emptied them out of the big pots (needed for bulbs) and was pleased to see that the tubers have increased in size. This is a Maurandya.

The forecast is good for the weekend and I’m looking forward to a day in the garden tomorrow. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend. Our new host, Jim, can be found at

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 12/11/22”

  1. I bought a plant of Maurandya (maybe under a different name) earlier this year and put it to grow up a 3ft obelisk. It would have gone two or three times as high, is still lush and leafy and in flower, it nearly went in my six. I certainly want to keep it alive for next year.

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  2. The euonymus leaves have such great colours and I see you have my favourite Saliva (or maybe its my second favourite). The wallflowers will look great with the narcissus and I look forward to seeing them in a future SOS. We’ve had a good crop of various fungi (which I haven’t tried to identify). It must be good conditions for them this year. I did want a Fly Agaric but no sign of any.

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