Six on Saturday 01/10/22

No doubt about it, autumn is here. After this summer’s weather I didn’t think that there would be very good autumn colour (based on what I’m not sure) but some of the trees around here are colouring up really well so, hopefully, I’m wrong. There was a useful amount of rain yesterday but I’d managed to take some photos of the garden a while before it got too heavy.

Things are starting to slow down in the garden. I’ve taken some cuttings, some of which have rooted and been moved on, I’ve finally put the plants that are large enough in the ground so I decided for this weeks Six to stand and stare – to take in the overall picture and to appreciate the colour and texture that is still looking good. Here are six areas of the garden (it’s also the whole garden!) and one plant from each.

The patio area looking up to the back corner of the garden

There’s a sleeper step up to the top of the garden where I have some Hostas in pots. The colder nights mean that their leaves have started to turn a lovely buttery yellow colour.

Hostas and Solenostemon ‘Camp Fire’
  • If you were to then turn around this would be the view. Just out of shot is the fern wall behind the Birch tree.

On the right, against the back of the garage are two more ladders for the succulents.

Pachyphytum ‘Dark Red’
  • Walk through the arch and you’re in the glasshouse area.

On the right is the shed and side wall of the garage. I grow Ricinus every year but it’s been too dry for them this year and only one has amounted to anything. It’s made up for the others though as it’s taller than the garage.

  • Through the arch (with the Honeysuckle growing on it) by the glasshouse and you come to the main border and Dahlia bed. Here’s the right-hand side area

The narrow border on the right has a mixed hedge and then the drive. It’s a very dry spot and I’ve struggled to establish plants here. Over the last couple of years I’ve changed the planting to mainly Hylotelephiums and grasses.

  • And here’s the left-hand side.

The tall Michaelmas Daisy is Symphiotrichon novae-angliae ‘St Michael’s’

The flower is actually a more purple-blue than it looks in the photo
  • Finally, round to the front garden.

The climbing Roses are still putting out a few flowers

Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’

It’s been good to stand and stare and it’s made me appreciate how well the garden has done despite this years challenging conditions. There are gaps where plants have been lost but they don’t show when looking from a distance and will provide new planting opportunities.

The photo at the very top is Dahlia ‘Edge of Joy’. It’s a weak plant and I feel it’s on the wrong side of joy and am a bit disappointed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini tour around my garden. There are lots more gardens to see at

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 01/10/22”

  1. You have the garden looking perfectly wonderful, in stark contrast to mine which is most certainly in end-of-year decline – but the snowdrops will lift my spirits very soon!


  2. Wow to the mix hostas & coleus! Flashy colours!
    You always have such a beautiful garden that really makes you want to walk around . Even if it’s already early October, you still have very pretty flowers and very pretty plants. Bravo !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your garden is full of colour and beautiful plants, I feel as if I have just gone round a NT garden. So much to see. It must be a lot of work, but it certainly pays off. I think we should all do views of our gardens at least once a month, it is so nice to have an overall view of the plants and how they are combined in the borders.

    Liked by 1 person

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