Six on Saturday 13/08/22

There’s not a lot can be said about the weather here – it’s hot and very, very dry – 34C yesterday and forecast to be a little warmer today. Yesterday, despite shading on both long and one short side, four roof vents, five side vents and an open door the glasshouse peaked at 48.2C . Even with watering it’s a miracle anything is still alive in there. However, being a fairly optimistic person here are six things from the garden this week that, with the exception of one of them, look fairly alive and well.

  • The Dahlias are all together in a bed and I gave each plant a whole can of water earlier this week. The flowers are going over quicker than usual but there’s a lot of bee activity. A new one to me this year is D. ‘Night Butterfly’, a collarette variety.
  • As well as the ferns on the Fern Wall there are several in the bed below it. Athyrium niponicum pictum is always the first to give up and retreat back underground when the going gets too hot and dry. Once we’ve had some rain I’m sure that it will spring back into life again.
  • On the subject of the Fern Wall, the plants suffered in the short heatwave last month and were relocated to the front of the house for a couple of days. In a pre-emptive move we moved them back there again on Wednesday and they are looking very happy.
Empty Fern wall and a starting to wilt Hydrangea.
  • Another heat casualty, Geranium ‘Blue Sunrise’, was planted out many weeks ago and had settled in well. The latest heat has proved too much for it though and the top growth has completely crisped this week. I’ve cut it back, given it a can of water and the ‘you have one of two choices’ talk. Interestingly, at the same time I planted a spare Oxalis vulcanicola grown from a cutting next to the Geranium and it is looking very healthy. I’ve grown this Oxalis for a couple of years, overwintering cuttings in the glasshouse, and, unlike other Oxalis varieties, it doesn’t seem to set any seed so gives lots of pleasure and no problems 🤞.
  • After disappearing for several years a perennial Sweet Pea reappeared a couple of years ago and has gone from strength to strength. It’s a lovely softish pink colour but a few weeks ago a cluster of white flowers appeared. Maybe it’s a seedling?
  • I’m having to do a lot of supplementary watering of the patio pots (they’re on a solar dripper system connected to water butts) and some pots are faring better than others. This trough is in a semi-shaded position and I’m very pleased with the combination. All plants were overwintered as cuttings.
Solenostemon ‘Burgundy Wedding Train’, S. ‘Pineapplette’ and bedding Geranium.

The Geranium is a darker red that it looks here.

So that’s my six for this week but I’m going to sneak an extra in, maybe the Prop won’t notice or is in a generous mood. I used to grow many varieties of Fuchsias but ditched virtually all of them because of Gall Mite infestation. I’m hoping a couple of years off will help the situation. I now only have one unknown hardy variety and F. ‘Lechlade Gorgon’ that seem to be resistant 🤞🤞🤞. While watering this morning I saw the enormous caterpillars of the Elephant Hawk Moth had found ‘Lechlade Gorgon’. There’s three of them on the plant so I don’t think there will be a lot left by the time they move on. Sadly, I’ve never seen the moth.

I’m looking forward to being able to do some proper daytime gardening in the coming week, it’s even been a bit warm to quilt! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks to The Prop for hosting at

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 13/08/22”

  1. Ferns are suffering in my garden and that is very unusual! Far too warm to do much in the garden this week other than a bit of dead-heading and some emptying of spring bulb containers. I still have a load of bamboo roots to hack out, but that’s not going to happen until it is a lot cooler!

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  2. I’d have whipped that Oxalis out in a trice thinking it was the beastly Oxalis corniculata I’m plagued by. A benign lookalike would just be confusing but it’s a pretty thing. I’ve not seen an elephant hawkmoth adult either but most years I find a pupa or two.

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    1. The Oxalis is much beefier than corniculata and has a quite thick succulent stem. This is the second year that I’ve grown it and not a single seedling (or seed pod) found. I haven’t read any reference to it being sterile though.


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