Six on Saturday 06/08/22

August started with some mizzly rain that brought a load of dust down with it but wasn’t enough to do anything for the plants. The Non-Gardener enjoys a bit of sailing but it’s always the wrong tide time or else the wind direction or speed is wrong. Gardening is very similar with not enough or too much rain, too hot, too cold or too windy. I’m definitely complaining about the lack of rain and the windy days at the moment. It’s not all doom and gloom though and there’s only one disaster in this weeks Six.

  • Let’s start on a positive note. The patio pots are connected to a solar-powered watering system that feeds from a water butt. Even though it’s only drip watering this regular application (plus an occasional top-up) means that they are coping with the conditions quite well. These pots by the back door are in full sun for a large part of the day.
The scented leaved Pelargoniums aren’t on the watering system.
  • I finally got around to tying in some of the new shoots of R. ‘Gertrude Jekyll’. Over the next two days Gertrude then had some visitors and now looks like this.
There must be a lot of leaf cutter bees in the garden

While taking the above picture I noticed several of these flies?? on the stems of the Rose. It’s not a great picture as it was rather windy (weather complaint again). Does anyone know what they are?

  • I always covet Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ but I really haven’t the space for it – that fact doesn’t always stop me acquiring plants – so have admired from a distance. At a Rare Plant Fair last autumn I came across H. paniculata ‘Bobo’, a cross between ‘Limelight’ and ‘Little Lime’. It’s supposed to have a maximum height of three feet (0.9 metres) as opposed to five feet (1.5m) and a maximum width of four feet (1.2m) against six feet (1.8m). I tucked the pot in a sheltered corner with a plan to plant it out by the arbour in the spring. Unfortunately, the spot where I wanted to dig a hole contained a long-forgotten large lump of concrete from a previous structure so ‘Bobo’ is remaining in a pot. I need a garden centre visit to buy a ceramic pot for it.
  • Let’s get the disaster over and done with. For the second year I have grown half hardy climbers in the glasshouse and moved the tomatoes outside. The tomatoes were reasonable last year and the plants have been growing and flowering well so far this year. However, in a very short period of time the foliage has taken on the appearance of lace curtains. As I usually start to remove the leaves at this time of year to help the fruit to ripen I wasn’t overly worried. With family staying I had a week ‘off’ of gardening (apart from watering) and have been catching up this week. As I started to remove some of the holey leaves I found that the tomatoes were full of caterpillars

I wheedled one out (above) and used Google Lens to try to identify it. Google told me it was a Bright-Line Brown Eye Moth caterpillar and that they like a range of wild and cultivated herbaceous and woody plants and tomatoes! After removing the affected fruit off of five plants I reckon I’ll be lucky to end up with a couple of dozen very expensive tomatoes. The joys of growing your own!

  • Agapanthus are looking so good at the moment. I only have one, small flowered, deciduous one (at the moment) in a pot. Last year it set a new record with 11 flower heads but this year it has 14.

  • Lastly, a quick peek in the glasshouse and the Achimenes are starting to flower.

I’m off to work now so I’ll be checking in at later. Thanks for letting me share my garden with you. Have a good weekend.

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 06/08/22”

  1. Wow, what do you do to your agapanthus? I have several in pots (they are quite young) which all flowered last year, this year only two have spikes. I must confess that I don’t feed them. I usually see leaf cutter bees in my roses (or evidence of them anyway) but they are absent so far. What a pain with the tomatoes!

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    1. I feel the pests are winning! I don’t really do anything to the Agapanthus. It used to be in the ground but didn’t regularly flower so I put it in a pot several years ago and re-potted it last year (or the one before?) into a pot just 2″ bigger.

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