Six on Saturday 30/07/22

We’ve had family visiting from Belfast for the last week so, apart from some watering, I’ve not done any gardening – far too busy having fun. When I went out into the garden yesterday evening to look for six things to show this week Joseph and Orla decided that they would choose for me.

So I present Joseph and Orla’s Six on Saturday.

  • Orla’s first choice. The bulbs were ordered as Lilium ‘Apricot Star’ but they clearly aren’t. They are very pretty nonetheless.
  • Joseph liked the Dahlias and narrowed his choice down to these two
Dahlia ‘Moonfire’
D. ‘Honka Fragile’
Eryngium zabelii ‘Big Blue’ caught Joseph’s eye
  • Orla’s looking forward to some bananas! (I did explain).
Ensete maurelii
  • Final choice for Orla.
Geranium ‘Antik Series’

Maybe I’ll have to get other people to choose my Six for me again, it’s certainly quicker. Have a great weekend, we’re hoping to get to the Creating Spaces sculpture exhibition at The Garden, Miserden in Gloucestershire later today.

There’s lots more to see at

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 30/07/22”

  1. Orla seems to be an exuberant woman who likes warm and bright colours while Joseph is someone who perhaps prefers simple, classic things that catch the eye.…( Maybe I’m wrong , my apologies) Anyway the choice of this Six is original.

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  2. Great choices! That lily is beautiful, I may have to try to grow some again next year, I gave up because I was fed up of the flower buds getting eaten by slugs, but I have found that if I keep pots on a table they are less likely to get damaged.

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