Six on Saturday 23/07/22

The heat at the beginning of the week certainly took its toll on some of the plants. The ferns on the Fern Wall were all moved round to the north-facing front of the house for a couple of days. There was some scorching of the fronds but they’ve all survived. On the plus side it rained yesterday for the first time in just over three weeks.

Enough of the weather, here are six things that caught my eye in the garden yesterday evening, all bathed in the setting sunlight.

  • The Lillies have started opening. I’ve had a few years without them so am really enjoying seeing and smelling them again.
L. ‘Montezuma’.
  • I have a few different Eucomis and this is the smallest one.
E. ‘Aloha Leia’
  • The Dahlia bed is filling out at last. The lack of rain has slowed their growth.
D. ‘Christine’ – a waterlily type.
  • The Hydrangeas have perked up after the rain and are looking wonderful again.
Hydrangea var unknown.
  • The heat/lack of water definitely got to this Kniphofia and it’s going over already.
Kniphofia ‘Timothy’
  • I grow Cosmos most years, mainly the taller varieties, but it’s the first time that I’ve grown the ‘Double Click’ variety and they’ve just started to flower. Although semi-double they are still attractive to pollinators and I’m quite taken with them.

A quick six this week as we have family staying. Have a good weekend and make time to check in with our host at

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 23/07/22”

  1. Very pretty dahlia with this photo taken against the light which gives 2 different tones to the petals. I also like the eucomis. I have 2 different varieties but I haven’t seen the flowers yet. A little patience but I didn’t water them … (and as it was hot… )

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  2. Montezuma is a beauty, must try to remember that for when I order for next year. I should have two of the Aloha eucomis but I haven’t noticed either flowering, must go find them. Leia looks pretty close to the vandermerwei parent, which I do have in flower. I’ve taken note of the Cosmos too, lovely strong colour.

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  3. Lovely six this week, can’t decide which I like best! I’m busy watering some of my hydrangeas, the ones that are competing with my massive trees for moisture, we need proper rain but just get drizzle.

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  4. Love the Cosmos, I tried some different ones a couple of years ago, but they were all a bit too tall for containers. And the lily is impressive. I stopped growing lilies because they kept getting munched by S&S so no flowers, but I might try again next year for a change. Enjoy your weekend with the family!

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