Six on Saturday 16/07/22

Despite having a bumper crop of aphids in recent years I’ve been disappointed not to find many ladybirds. Last spring I bought some ladybird larvae and placed them in a few different areas of the garden so that they could feast on the various coloured aphids. I definitely saw adult ladybirds but wondered if other people were benefiting from my purchase rather than me. The Non-Gardener made some houses for the ladybirds to over winter in and I crossed my fingers. I saw a couple of ladybirds on the Roses a while back and hoped that there were more hiding in the plants. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen many, many larvae on the black fly infested Clematis that are growing through the Roses and now they’re pupating. The above photo shows just a few. Maybe they stayed in the garden after all.

I plant up two hanging baskets every year and they hang near the back door. They used to consist of a mixture of plants but in 2019 I bought some Begonia ‘Apricot Shades’ plug plants for one of them. They grew and flowered well and I was quite surprised to find reasonable sized tubers when I emptied the basket out at the end of the season. I over wintered them and replanted them back in the basket the following spring. This spring they went back into the basket for the fourth time and, after a slow start, are looking good now.

I acquired Kalanchoe tubiflora last year and it spent the summer on the patio and the winter in my frost-free (just) glasshouse. It’s gone back outside onto one of the succulent ladders and in the last couple of weeks has started producing it’s buds.

I planted Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Dancing Snow’ to, hopefully, bring some light into a dark shady corner under the Birch tree. I think it’s worked.

A recent acquisition is this beautiful plant – Digiplexis ‘Falcon Fire’. It’s a cross between Digitalis and Isoplexis, the Canary Island Foxglove.

I’ve planted it in a bottomless pot and sunk it into the ground as it’s not hardy. In the autumn I’ll lift it and overwinter it in the glasshouse.

It’s mid-July already and the Heleniums are starting to flower. Here’s a couple in the long border.

Choosing just six things is so difficult at this time of year but I thought I’d finish with the jungle in front of the shed.

It’s getting tricky to get to the door!

Work today and then out this evening and tomorrow so no gardening, just early morning watering of the pots in the morning. I’ve got solar powered watering systems that work off the water butts and they’re doing a great job in this hot weather but some supplementary watering is required.

Thanks for looking in, have a great weekend and don’t forget to check in with the Prop at

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 16/07/22”

  1. I often wondered if the begonia plug plants would make tubers, now I know and might give them a try next time. Like the hydrangea, it does brighten up a dark corner, but love your Digiplexis, what a lovely colour!

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  2. I have never noticed Ladybird pupa before, but have been keenly watching some on my Buddleja, I do need them to eat all the blackfly. I shall look up Ladybird houses and see if I can get some made.

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  3. Lovely, bright begonia plants. I have managed to keep at least 6 zonal pelargoniums going for 3 years now by planting them in the greenhouse and throwing some water at them occasionally during the winter.

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