Six on Saturday 09/07/22

And then summer suddenly arrived! A few glorious sunny days and warmer nights and the Dahlias have had a growth spurt (after mentioning (complaining) that they weren’t growing last week. Quite a lot to choose from but here’s this weeks six –

  • I have three varieties of Zantedeschia growing in pots on the patio.
Z. ‘Picasso’

From a distance the ‘flowers’ don’t look much but when you look into one…..

  • The second variety is Z. ‘Red Charm’

It’s a classy looking plant

The third variety is Z. ‘Mango’. No picture as it isn’t flowering and it didn’t flower last year either. It did flower the year before and the flower is a wonderful glowing mango colour. Any ideas how I can get it to give a repeat performance?

  • The Clematis have done well this year and the latest to join the party is ‘Aljonushka’. It’s an integrifolia variety and so needs a bit of assistance to climb. The large nodding flowers appear over quite a long period of time but, sadly, the seedheads aren’t as showy as some varieties.

  • Another Clematis, this time in the main border. I bought this mis-labelled as C. ‘Piilu’ so don’t know what its name is. It’s quite vigorous and swamps this obelisk every year. I added Rosa ‘Blush Noisette’ to the obelisk last year and it’s just starting to flower.
  • I’ve written in a previous Six about my love for Fuchsias but how, after many years of growing them, I’ve decided to take a break due Fuchsia Gall Mite appearing in the garden. I kept three varieties that didn’t seem to be affected – ‘Lottie Hobbie’, a hardy, semi-trailing variety who’s name has been long forgotten and this one
F. ‘Lechlade Gorgon’

I bought the original plant as ‘Lechlade Gordon’ but think it’s proper name is ‘L. Gorgon’. The plant at the base of the Fuchsia is Oxalis ‘Vulcanicola’.

  • It’s so hard to limit the choice to just six but my final choice is from the glasshouse. It’s my first time growing Gloriosa superba and it shares a pot with Thunbergia alata. The first flower opened yesterday and I hope there will be many more (there aren’t any more buds at the moment though).
‘Tomas de Gruyne’

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my garden. Have a good weekend and if the weather’s too hot/cold/wet then head over to to peak into lots of other gardens.

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 09/07/22”

  1. Zantedeschia have superb foliage! No slug hole, it’s really great (or you have done very well the photos.)
    The clematis doesn’t look like ‘Piilu’ that I have here, there is a much lighter colour. I love the rose Noisette!
    To finish :what fireworks with the amazing flower of Gloriosa. You know, I presented one last week but it’s a totally different colour. Thanks for sharing

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  2. That “Z” plant is most unusual, I haven’t seen that before and I’m looking forward to seeing the “Mango” one when it flowers. The only fuchsia I have in the garden this year is the hedge type. I don’t think it is affected by the pest. Your flowerbed picture is so lush! Lovely.

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