Six on Saturday 02/07/22

I’m beginning to think that we’re not going to have a lovely warm, sunny summer this year. I’m making a temperature quilt this year and so I’m keeping a record of the daily highest and lowest temperature. In the last week the highest crept up to 20 degrees and the over night temperature was between 10 and 12 degrees. It’s been very windy most days but there’s been some rain (it’s pouring again as I write this) which has been much appreciated by the plants (and this gardener) and the water butts are full again. The Dahlias don’t seem to have put on much growth since I planted them out a couple of weeks ago which I’m sure is down to temperature/light levels but some of them have started flowering, including ‘Honka Fragile’ in the photo above.

  • Leucanthemum x superbum is a very reliable plant that doesn’t seem to be affected by the weather. This plant has been here in the border for quite a few years and so I lifted, divided and replanted it in the autumn.
  • In the same border is another Eryngium (I showed one last week). In front of it is the Nepeta I showed a few weeks ago. The staking seems to be working and it isn’t flopping around 🤞
Eryngium zabelii ‘Big Blue’
  • In the front garden the Roses are suffering with the wind and rain. On the other hand, the Clematis growing through them are enjoying the wetter weather.
C. ‘Jackmanii Superba’ growing through R. ‘White Swan’ and ‘Crown Princess Margareta’

At the far end is Clematis ‘Betty Corning’, a rather exuberant variety

Somewhere under there is R. ‘Graham Thomas’. This combination made a Six in the spring as the Clematis was growing rather too quickly for the Rose. It’s a problem that has happened before and so I decided to take some drastic action and prune the Clematis.

After pruning

The Rose had a good first flush of flowers but the cooler and wetter conditions have enabled Betty to overwhelm it again.

  • Back to the back garden and the Birch border is looking good. The tree casts shade and takes a lot of the moisture from the bed so I finally got around to mulching it with bark.
  • Just to the left of the Hellebore is one of the pergola uprights which supports a Trachelospermum jasminoides, now in full bloom.
  • To the right of the Birch tree and through an arch is a bed being taken over by Geranium ‘Orion’. Sadly, despite its beauty its days may be numbered.
There’s a Sedum under there!

Another Saturday and another Six completed (actually written on a Saturday though the photos were taken yesterday). The rain is still falling though the sky is lightening. I’ve succulents to pot up/on so hopefully it dries up soon. I hope the weather is good for you this weekend wherever you are and thanks for reading. There are loads of inspirational gardens and plants at

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 02/07/22”

    1. I’ve used the slug nematodes for the first time this year, watering the bed and the pots of Dahlias before planting them out. There’s a few nibbled leaves but it seems to be working so far.


  1. The combination of roses and clematis looks really good and well worth the work you have to put into it. The birch border is looking very pretty. I agree with you about the Summer probably not being a hot one. We had similar weather to you this week, but without the rain.

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  2. I’ve featured my Leucanthemum Superbum a couple of times this year, it is huge now but the one I planted at the other side of the garden is rather pathetic, in comparison. Meanwhile, does your Eryngum smell all right? I pulled all mine out a few years ago because they were most unpleasant. Anyway, another lot of lovely “longer” shots, very well stocked and colourful flowerbeds.


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