Six on Saturday 25/06/22

The blackly (and the green ones) have been growing in numbers over the last few weeks and finally the ladybirds have started to arrive. I hope that they eat quickly. We were away last weekend and, knowing that there would be a poor signal, I took a leave of absence for the first time in several years. The heat and a bit of rain certainly made the garden grow while I was absent and I’ve been playing catch-up this week.

  • The Hostas are starting to flower.
  • As is this Honeysuckle. I grew the original from a stray shoot that came from a neighbour’s garden about 30 years ago. At night, when I put food out for the hedgehog, the whole garden is scented by it.
I’m still waiting for the Ricinus (in pots at lower right) to grow large enough to plant out.
  • The glasshouse is just visible in the above photo. If you were to walk through the arch by it (not visible) and look back this would be your view.
On the left is Clematis ‘Justa’ and on the right is C. viticella ‘Margot Koster’
  • Turn 180 degrees and now you’re looking at the long border. Here’s a couple of todays favourites.
Eryngium bougatii ‘Pico’s Blue’

As you can see the Forget-me-Not seedlings are taking over.

  • And in front of the above is
Geranium pratense ‘Black Beauty’, I just wish it would spread a bit quicker – it doesn’t seem to have got much bigger over the last three years.
  • I haven’t shown any succulents for a while so here are the plants on one step of a succulent ladder (built by the Non-Gardener).
At the front is Echevira ‘Telstar’, back left is Aeonium ‘Cornish Tribute’ and back right is Crassula perforata

On the same step is

Echivera imbricata

Work today then some gardening time tomorrow (hopefully). The things to do list is growing much quicker than the things done one. I’m sure that the plants I really, really want if only I could find some space list will get longer as I catch up with other Sixers at

Thanks for looking in, have a great weekend.

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 25/06/22”

  1. I have a similar aphids/ladybirds pic this week, and can tell you that the ladybirds have indeed polished off the aphids. Your garden has a lovely romantic vibe, the honeysuckle is gorgeous and that’s a great pergola you have for it.

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  2. Your garden is looking beautiful, such a lovely combination of plants. Like your Geranium Black Beauty very much. As you say, Hostas have started flowering, I’ve noticed that my huge Hosta Snowden is so big now that the flowers are just about peeping over the top, they are almost hidden.

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  3. Love the honeysuckle and those two clematis! I wish mine would flower as well. Geranium Black Beauty is very pretty and would suit my garden well, I rather like the geraniums that are small and neat, instead of those that tend to sprawl all over the place!

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