Six on Saturday 11/06/22

I’ve not had a lot of spare time this week but when I could I’ve been planting things out into the borders, including the Dahlias. I’ve also been potting some things on that aren’t large enough yet to take their chances in the big wide world – the Cobaea scandens plants being a prime example. It just hasn’t been warm enough for them and they hardly seem to have moved upwards this last week. On the other hand the rain has enabled the herbaceous plants grow like mad and the garden seems on the edge of out of control, a state I quite like it in.

  • Rose Chafers! Is anyone else having a problem with them? I first became aware of a problem two years ago when emptying my compost bin and found it to be teeming with Rose Chafer larvae. This is a picture from a Six in 2020.
I started using an 8″ pot to collect them in but resorted to a bucket in the end as there were so many of them

Since then I’ve been having a battle to keep the numbers under control. There was a question on GQT a few weeks ago by someone having the same problem and the panel consensus was that the questioner was lucky to have them in her garden! While the beetles love the Roses they are also very partial to umbellifer type flowers and the favourite at the moment is Cenolophium denudatum which I grew from seed a couple of years ago.

One flowerhead, four beautiful beetles.
The whole plant. Only two beetles on here – later on there were 21! The bees have to fight for a space.
  • Enough bugs. I stopped growing Nepeta several years ago as I didn’t like the way it flopped over but then I was tempted by N. x faassenii ‘Junior Walker’. I surround it with the shortest Link Stakes as it emerges and then it behaves very well.
  • Also flowering well is Heuchera ‘Peach Flambe’
  • The hardy Geraniums are really starting to show their colours and I wish I had room to grow more. I would like to visit East Lambrook Manor soon to see more. It’s been on my to-do list for a few years and isn’t that far from me. One day…..
This is G. ‘Brookside’ and it will flower until the autumn. Some of the Foxgloves are very tall this year – over six feet.
  • I don’t know which Campanula this one is but it fills this shady corner with colour for several weeks at this time of year.
  • A bit further along the same fence is Clematis ‘Samaritan Jo’. It’s a shorter growing variety but is taking a while to settle in.

I’m at a workshop today as a student, which will make a lovely change and then watching our daughter in the Bristol triathlon tomorrow so gardening time is limited this weekend. As happens every year, I have too many plants and too little space but I will do my very best to shoe-horn every one in as I get time. Have a good weekend and thanks to our host at

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 11/06/22”

  1. A whole bucket! ? … anyway these beetles are really very pretty.
    Very good idea to put stakes around the nepeta because the flowers tend to fall ( common variety ) and I have plenty of them on my wood terrace… So the seeds fall between the planks and germinate again…
    It must be probably the campanula poscharskyana because it’s in bloom here too

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  2. I have the same Nepeta, but mine sprawls and flops despite some stakes! Maybe I need taller ones. Those beetles are very pretty, but do they actually harm the roses and the umbellifers? If so I wouldn’t want them in my garden.

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    1. I think I’ve used the 18” stakes. The beetles eat the flower petals and, although they eat decaying matter, the larvae also eat roots. I’m happy to have some of them in the garden but for the last couple of years it has felt more like an infestation

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  3. Campanula poscharskyana will spread rapidly if you don’t watch it, very pretty at this time of year, but I have to be ruthless with mine! Your beetles are beautiful, but do they damage the roses?

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    1. Despite their name I find them more on other plants, rather than the Roses. They eat the flower petals. The larvae eat decomposing material and roots. I just want the balance restored rather than the vast numbers that are around at the moment.


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