Six on Saturday 09/04/22

The weather has been throwing everything at the poor plants this week – brilliant sun, pouring rain, hailstones, thunder, 40mph wind and frosty nights. The frost brings me to the first of my Six

  • The new growth on the Pieris has been badly frosted for the second year following. There was no new growth made last year and a couple of branches have died back during the year. I’m not sure about its long term prospects but for now the bumble bees are loving the blossom.
  • The pots of bulbs continue.
Muscari ‘Siberian Tiger’
  • A couple of years ago I dug up Jasminum nudiflorum. It was growing up a trellis that covers a water butt visible from the kitchen window. It did the job a little too well and started coming up in places where it wasn’t wanted. I planted a Clematis there instead but it doesn’t provide enough cover so last spring I planted Coronilla glauca ‘Citrina’. The location isn’t as sheltered as the plant might like but it’s growing and is flowering well. Hopefully the water butt will disappear from view soon.
  • Continuing the floral theme Tulip ‘Angelique’ is one of the few that have returned successfully in the border for a few years.
  • With perfect timing the Amelanchier has decided to flower to coincide with the rain, sleet and wind.
  • It’s so difficult to limit the choice to six things these days but the emerging fern croziers are fascinating to look at so I’ll finish with one of my favourite ferns
Polystichum polyblepharum is a stunning plant 365 days of the year.

The forecast for today is good, if a little chilly, although it will be another frosty night. No gardening today though as I’m working but I’ve lots of gardening jobs lined up for tomorrow. Have a great weekend and thanks to our host at

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 09/04/22”

  1. Despite everything, I still see pretty pink tufts on your pieris, but the majority had to burn out like mine… It’s also the second year and even if the plant will recover, it’s still a shame!
    I don’t know about you but I had wrapped it in a fleece, that wasn’t enough.

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  2. Shame about the frosts! I am lucky that they don’t really affect me down here, though it has been cold at night. And wind! Wind often does more damage here, scorching new leaves etc. Nice to see the FMNs photobombing the tulips! Some of the bulbs I shoved into the ground have come up this year and Orange Emperor faithfully returns in the herb bed! You just never know with tulips.

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  3. Looks like you’ve cut the old foliage off your ferns, I haven’t yet so it’s going to be a challenge to do it without damaging the new ones. I planted a Coronilla last year too and now you have me wondering if I should have trained it up something, it has been blown about a lot over the winter.

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  4. Coronilla is a new one for me, but very pretty. The leaves are decorative in their own right. My sister who lives near Bristol was caught out in an awful hailstorm last week, she was amazed at the size of the hailstones and the thunderclaps with it.

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  5. I do like Angelique, but it’s never come back for me sadly. I had a few ancient Pieris which look a bit bear in places, and they tower over head, which I guess yours do too. The little pot of white Muscari looks like a good variety without too may large leaves.

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