Six on Saturday 29/01/22

Welcome to this weeks Six on Saturday. We’ve had a bit of most types of weather this week – rain, frost, fog and even a bit of sunshine. In between preparing for a couple of workshops I’ve been able to cut down some more of the herbaceous plants and do some general tidying up.

  • The bulbs in the ground and in pots are all growing and the first few snowdrops are opening up. I’ve mentioned it before but there are definitely less of them this year than in the past.
  • Last week my Six consisted of six close up photos of plants in the garden. One that surprised me a lot (and quite a few other people as well) was Garrya eliptica ‘James Roof’. I cut this plant down really hard a couple of years ago as (usual story) it’s too big for my garden). The catkins are lengthening by the day now and a pair of Blue Tits spend quite a while each day picking over them.
  • One of the new year projects is to try and divert attention away from the not so desirable plants in the garden on the other side of a fence. An arch (to nowhere) that matches one in the same area of the garden has been put up by the fence. There will be some trellis running along the top of the fence panels and a seat will be built into the arch. I’m hoping that once it has all been covered with plants my eyes will stop short of the other side of the fence. I had to move a few plants, including a Hydrangea and now I just need to decide which evergreen (?) climber to plant. I already have several Honeysuckles, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Sollya, Parthenocissus henryana, Coronilla glauca, Jasminum ‘Variegatum’, Eccremocarpus scaber and a few Roses and Clematis. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  • As I said at the top, I’m gradually working through the main border. Last spring there were far too many Forget-me-Nots and as the inevitable seedlings grew in the summer I pulled handfuls of them up. I removed another bucketful (literally) in the autumn but there are still too many as can be seen in the next picture.
Can you see the Chionodoxa flowers? Why do they come through so near to the ground!
  • Last summer the Non-Gardener dug a new bed in the lawn for me to grow Dahlias in. Before the Dahlia plants were ready to go in I added some small bulbs that had been grown in pots around the edge, including some Iris reticulata. I’ve never had any success getting them to come back in the ground – until now!
Iris reticulata ‘Katherine Hodgkin’

If I’d known that so many would return then I’d have put them further apart.

  • Some of the Hellebore flowering stems are starting to rise up but, like the disappearing Snowdrops, a lot of the plants seem to have fewer stems than in previous years. I think it’s to do with the strange weather we’ve had the last few years – waterlogging due to so much rain followed by periods of drought. Over the years I’ve grown some of the seedlings on and planted them around the garden, including along the shaded side of the glasshouse, under the Amelanchier.
Maybe not the most exciting Hellebore but the white really lights up this dark area. The parent plant is pink with a lot of spotting.

The weather looks to be a bit warmer here for the next few days so I’m looking forward to a day tackling the Forget-me-Nots tomorrow 🤣

Enjoy your weekend and keep checking in with our host to see what’s going on in other Sixers’ gardens. You’ll find them all at

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 29/01/22”

  1. The iris reticulata I planted in a raised bed only flowered in the first year, I think one or two came back, no sign of any this year. However ‘George’ which is a histriodes, regularly returns in my pots.

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  2. Glad to see these irises already in bloom. Mine( the same I think) are poking the nose out. Regarding the climbing plants, why not a baby kiwi ( actinidia arguta), black eyed susan vine (thunbergia alata), or an akebia?..

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  3. I do like Hellebore and your Iris are looking lovely, so colours are wonderful. I was given some iris which didn’t flower last year, so I am hoping that they will have settled enough this year to show me their beauty.

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  4. I love anything with catkins so I love your Garrya. Iris r. are also wonderful at this time, yours are a lot earlier than mine – maybe they prefer being in the ground. Spanish flag would be the climber I would go for if I had a spare arch and a warm sunny spot. Look forward to hearing what you decide to go for.

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