Six on Saturday 16/10/21

We had our first rather cool night this week, 6.6 degrees C in the glasshouse so colder outside but by the end of the week the overnight temperature in there was 12.4 degrees. It’s also been another dry week and I’ve been tidying through the borders, removing some of the annuals (Cosmos, Zinnias, Calendulas etc) and cutting a few perennials back but it seems that there’s still no room for bulb planting. While I wait for the room to magically appear here are five things from the garden and one from inside.

  • While clearing around the patio pots I found some very ripe berries from Fuchsia ‘Lechlade Gordon’. They’d split open when they fell and I could see some seeds inside. I’ve never tried growing Fuchsias from seed so decided that maybe I should. I squished the berries in a bowl of water and the seeds fell to the bottom. They’re quite dust like and are now safely stored until the spring.

I’ve three ‘L. Gordons’ in pots, all cuttings taken last September. They’ve flowered a couple of times this year and two of them are starting to do so again.

  • Another Fuchsia that has done well is ‘Lottie Hobbie’. I’ve been growing this for many years but the cooler, wetter weather this year means that it has been able to reach a larger size than normal. It was late to flower but has more than made up for that. It has also been unaffected by the Gall Mite.
  • On the other side of the trellis is the bed that I stripped out in early spring and dug over to get rid of the encroaching bindweed and brambles. Most plants were re-planted, including Salvia uliginosa. It was a bit beaten down by the wind and rain a few weeks ago but still looks good.
  • It might have got a bit chilly in the glasshouse but the Achimenes have finally come into full flower.

as has Impatiens repans

  • The Dahlia bed continues to provide lots of colour although a couple of the plants have decided that enough is enough for this year. I’m planning on lifting the tubers this year and planting Narcissus bulbs deeply in the border. The tubers will be re-planted next year and, hopefully, will then remain in the ground. I got this idea from Sarah Raven’s book A Year Full of Flowers.
Part of the Dahlia bed looking across to the main border
  • I know this is supposed to be six things in the garden but there was a very exciting happening in my indoor plant world this week (I know, I have a sad life). I’ve been growing the Ric-Rac plant (Epiphyllum anguliger) for three years and this week it flowered. Just the one flower but pretty spectacular.
It has taken about a week to reach this stage.
Then last Sunday night the flower opened. The perfume was quite over-powering, I was glad that there was only one flower.
Modelled by the Non-Gardener.

It looks like the weekend will be dry here but there’s rain forecast for next week and I’ve still got part of the succulent tower to dismantle and re-pot. Best get moving!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. There are lots more gardens at

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 16/10/21”

  1. So pretty inside your greenhouse! And Ric-Rac plant, very aptly named, with a stunning flower, is a new one for me. Your dahlia bed is beautiful. I planted some seeds and they’ve actually germinated, so I have high hopes for a good show as well.

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