Six on Saturday 02/10/21

The bulbs have arrived at last! I’m sure I didn’t order all of those! Where on earth are they all going to go? After seeing the weather take its toll on the garden this week it was so wonderful to open that box of positivity. I tried to be fairly organised when ordering, working out the varieties needed for the various pots but there are some impulse buys as well, especially Tulips. There was only one substitution and the bulbs look in great condition so I’m very happy. I haven’t anywhere to plant most of them yet as the pots are still full of summer plants but it’s October already and it won’t be long before the big clear out starts. Meanwhile, here’s this weeks look into my garden.

  • On Sunday night Bristol VTS recorded wind speeds in excess of 50 knots in the Bristol Channel and that’s only about 6 miles away. Then at about 6.00am the heavens opened and the rain poured down. I didn’t have to go out of the door in the morning to see the first casualty – a hanging basket of Begonia ‘Apricot Shades’. They’ve grown really well again this year and had made a near perfect ball of apricot flowers. By Monday morning one side of the basket had keeled over. I tried propping up the stems but more bad weather during the week put paid to that.
A very lopsided basket of Begonias
  • On the plus side the annual climbers continue to put on a show. Ipomoea ‘Heavenly Blue’ was in last weeks Six and this week I. lobata has suddenly made an appearance.
On the pergola
On the arch
Taken in yesterday evenings setting sun
  • Unfortunately, I didn’t get all of the pots of succulents under cover before the rain arrived Monday morning. It then rained virtually non-stop all day Tuesday so by Wednesday their pots had been drenched. I spent a sunny Wednesday afternoon working through them and they are now all in the cold frame, protected from any more wet weather. I hope they get to dry out as I don’t really want to re-pot them all for the winter. On the positive side some are still flowering.
Pachyphytum rubra
  • The taller Michaelmas Daisies were badly hit by the wind but are still looking beautiful. This is a mid-height one that is a far more delicate plant.
Symphyotrichum ‘Label Lostum’ with Achillea ‘Terracota’ seedheads
  • Persicaria ‘Indian summer’ is a plant that I keep thinking I’ll remove from the main border as it’s a bit of a thug and then at this time of year it comes into its own. The hoverflies love it.
  • The main border is beginning to look rather tired and I’ve started removing gone the over annuals and cutting down some perennial stems (ones without seed heads). A few weeks ago I mentioned the triffid Cosmos that had grown really tall and bushy but that hadn’t flowered. For a while they added something but when I was trying to straighten up wind-blown plants yesterday I decided they were blocking out a lot of the colour and had to go.
Now you see it…
Now you don’t.

I didn’t have time to get through the whole border but took a few pictures to remind myself that it is October now and there is still quite a lot going on. Just don’t look too closely.

Anemone ‘Hadspen’s Abundance’ now at a very jaunty angle
There’s more triffid Cosmos to be removed from here
And from here so that the Michaelmas Daisies at the back can be seen

I need to make more notes about what to move/remove/divide in this border for next year but the forecast for today is very wet and windy (correct so far!) and only marginally better for tomorrow so I don’t think there will be much gardening done. There will, therefore, be plenty of time to see what’s going on in other Sixers’ gardens at

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 02/10/21”

  1. The Begonia “Apricot Shades” is a lovely color – lopsided or no. Your climbers appear to be thriving, and I love the purplish tint of the Persicaria leaves. The overview photographs of your borders are impressive.

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  2. The views of your borders are fabulous: overflowing with colour and beauty. What a shame about the wind and rain struck begonia basket. I hope you can save it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thats a exquisite Pachyphtum and the flowers are so pretty. I have spent all week putting my succulents in cold frames. We have not had anything close to the amount of rain you have probabaly had up here but I fear that may have chanfed this week.

    Liked by 1 person

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