Six on Saturday 18/09/21

The Amelanchier is dropping leaves rapidly giving the lawn a very autumnal look. It’s always early to lose it’s leaves and, despite what many books say about its wonderful autumn colour, they seem to go straight from green to brown here. Rather disappointing. The garden is looking very colourful at the moment with several Michaelmas Daisies still to add to the show. Here’s a quick look around for this weeks Six. Sorry, the photos were taken in yesterday evenings sun so not the best.

  • I’ve been waiting for the annual climbers to start flowering and there are signs that it’s finally happening. I just hope that the weather holds long enough for them to put on a bit of a show. One I’ve really been looking forward to is Cobaea scandens and on Wednesday a flower finally made an appearance.
It’s grown up a long way before finally flowering

I also grew a Cobaea plant in the glasshouse this year in the hope that it would flower earlier. It did – one whole day earlier! At least it’s easier to see. Last year I had the first flowers in my Six on the 15th of August

  • Still in the glasshouse – the Achimenes are also making a belated appearance. Here’s the first two
A. ‘Caligula’. It’s nowhere near as orange as this, more a blood-red colour
A. ‘Jay Dee Large White’
  • The Hylotelephiums are in full flower now and get absolutely covered with bees. Sadly they had all gone to bed by the time I took these pictures.
H. ‘Red Globe’, a real favourite with the snails
H. ‘Sunsparkler Jade Tuffet’. Who makes these names up? A lovely short variety
  • A sure sign of autumn, Cyclamen hederifolium popping up everywhere. It’s taken many years for them to seed around and I give a helping hand as well.
Cyclamen hederifolium coming up through Erigeron karvinskianus and Persicaria capitata
  • Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ can be relied upon to give a great show every year, whatever the weather. It’s taller than ever this year and is above the Beech hedge. It’s made a very large clump over the last three years and is on my list for dividing in the spring.
  • A Clematis to finish with. Clematis tangutica ‘Bill McKenzie’ started flowering at the end of April/beginning of May and hasn’t stopped since. The silvery seed heads will persist well into winter
‘Bill McK’ with Anemone hupehensis ‘Hadspen Abundance’ and photo-bombed by Salvia ‘Amistad’

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7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 18/09/21”

  1. As always very nice photos and very good choices! Like ( at least ) 2 of us, you presented Japanese anemones of the same colour but yours are more numerous than mine !
    I also really liked the helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ photo and the close-up of this cobaea flower

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  2. Nothing bombs a photo like ‘Amistad’. I need to find a slot for Bill McKenzie, though it’ll need to be a big one. Then I need another for ‘Lemon Queen’ but it’d need to be somewhere it catches the light perfectly like yours.

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  3. The Cobaea is a fabulous colour, such a shame it is only just flowering, hope it continues for a while. I always think of Achimenes as ‘the hot water’ plant, but have no idea why! Yellow is always thought of a spring colour (well it is for me) but more and more it seems to be popular in autumn too. Those helianthus are amazing and go so well with the blue asters as does Bill Mck with the pink. A lovely six this week.

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