Six on Saturday 10/07/21

It’s been fairly overcast most of the week and we’ve had a good deal of rain. We’re a week into July, the water butts are all full to overflowing and I’ve actually turned the automatic watering systems off as the pots are all so wet. It’s certainly a strange year.

  • The patio pots are filling out despite the weather.
  • The herbaceous border is filling out, despite the slugs and snails best efforts. There have been a few losses after the wet winter and spring that will need addressing in the autumn. I would usually fill such spaces with annuals but between the weather and the pests I haven’t been left with anywhere as many as I was hoping to have. On the plus side, there are some pleasing combinations.
Achillea ‘Terracota’, Eryngium bougatii ‘Pico’s Blue’, Heuchera ‘Orangeberry’ and H. ‘Wild Rose’
  • A bit further round is Anthemis tinctoria ‘E. C. Buxton’
  • The Penstemons have finally kicked in. They didn’t do very well last year so I took loads of cuttings to overwinter and it seems to have paid off.
P. ‘Stapleford Gem’ and P. ‘Blackbird’
  • I planted Allium ‘Sphaerocephalon’ last year and didn’t see a single flower but this year –
  • The rain has suited the Clematis and they are all much taller and leafier than the previous few years. It might be my imagination but the flowers seem paler. Maybe the lack of heat and sunshine?
Clematis ‘Margot Koster’

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8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 10/07/21”

  1. My clematis have been exceptionally good this year and I have great hopes for my two “cheapo” ones which have started off very encouragingly. Your pots on the patio look very healthy. I will have to get out the hose today because although it has rained, it seems to dry out very quickly. Nice to see your plants in groups rather than individual specimens.

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    1. Many years ago I sowed a packet of mixed Clematis seeds. After a year the pot contained eight seedlings that I eventually pricked out. Shortly afterwards six of them were grazed off overnight, one I later ditched as it was a very nondescript plant and so this is the sole survivor. It has very slowly clumped up but always gives a good show followed by beautiful seed heads. And the slugs and snails still ignore it.


  2. It all looks wonderfully lush and colourful. I didn’t spot any gaps! The patio pots are looking very good. I think the extra rain has really helped the gardens this year. After two quite dry Summers they seem to be back on form.

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