Six on Saturday 29/05/21

Finally, some sunshine and warmth in the forecast. Long overdue and well deserved I reckon. Outside, things are a bit slow because of the cold weather but it’s showing mostly in the glasshouse. A while back I was worried that the first sowing of Cosmos wasn’t doing very well and so sowed some more. They germinated well, were pricked out and potted on and have sat and sulked ever since. They were very spindly and the leaves were very stunted (note the use of the past tense) and so this week I made the hard decision to compost them. The first sowing plants have done better but are still quite small and it’ll be a few weeks before I’m planting them out. There’s a few other things that have been given the “you’re running out of time to prove yourself” talk but I’m hoping the warmer, lighter weather will spur them into growth. Meanwhile, here are my Six for this week.

  • I have two varieties of Geum and this is the first to flower.
Geum ‘Mai Tai’
  • I sowed some Aquilegia ‘McKana Hybrid’ seeds plus seeds that I’d saved from a dwarf variety in autumn 2019 and left them in the coldframe. The germination rate wasn’t great but the resulting seedlings were grown on and planted out last autumn. The parent dwarf Aquilegia has disappeared but I’m very pleased with it’s offspring.
  • The Clematis have thrived in the damp conditions and ‘Dr Ruppel’ has produced its first flower. The outer edges of the sepals are usually a bit lighter so it will be interesting to see what happens as the season progresses.
  • The Heucheras have, mostly, done well and are adding some lovely colour to the borders.
H. ‘Wild Rose’. The colour has come out very true in this photo
  • The last Heuchera is at the front of a south-west facing border and these next ones are facing north as the paler leaves varieties don’t like too much sun, apparently.
H. ‘Caramel’ and, hidden in the Forget-me-Nots, H. ‘Guacamole’
  • The Dutch Iris have finally opened this week and add some lovely colour and height to the main border at this time of the year.
I’m hoping that the slugs and snails have left some of the plants that have been smothered by the Forget-me-Nots.

We’re leaving the travelling to everyone else this bank holiday (in the UK) weekend and are going to enjoy the good weather at home. I’m not sure what the Non-Gardener has planned but I’m planning to spend most of it in the garden 😁

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6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 29/05/21”

  1. Heucheras are lovely. And I have added three new Geums to my collection (only one left) but couldn’t find Totally Tangerine anywhere! We have been away this week to celebrate the OH’s birthday which is on Monday, but we figured half term was not the best week to go away! Proved by our journey home today – everyone seemed to be heading to the south-west. We ignored the motorway and headed cross country! Irises seem very popular in Somerset.

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    1. Good planning for your route home. Irises do grow well around here but not for me. I crowd things in too much and the rhizomes get smothered. I can’t do the less is more style of gardening though often wonder what I’d do with more space.

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      1. I had yellow irises when I moved into this garden, but they have such enormous leaves and were a pain to cut back at the end of the season, plus the flowers got less and less that I pulled them all out last year. Many of the rhizomes were rotten and growing over each other. But the Dutch and Bearded ones are better behaved, I think.

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