Six on Saturday 22/05/21

Welcome to another soggy, windy Six on Saturday. I went outside between the downpours yesterday to take some pictures for today and found the ground littered with leaves that have been blown off of the Birch and Amelanchier trees. The weather has certainly given them a hard time recently. The Cosmos, Zinnias and other seedlings in the glasshouse haven’t really put on any growth this last week so I decided to take the shading down on Thursday to see if the increased light level would help. They could do with an increased temperature level as well! Enough of the moaning – here’s my Six.

  • The Caltha palustris looked better when it was standing upright but it’s still a lovely splash of colour on these dreary days.

  • The front of the house faces virtually due north and I have spent years trying to get plants to grow on the porch steps. A few years ago I tried some ferns and they have done really well since. The new growth on Dryopteris wallichiana (Alpine Wood Fern) is very striking at the moment.

Dryopteris wallichiana
  • The roses on the ropes and posts in the front garden have responded well to a very hard prune this year and are full of buds. This time last year they had been flowering for several weeks though.
Rosa ‘White Swan’
  • Weigela florida ‘Variegata’ is in a mixed hedge along the drive. It’s somewhat overshadowed by a Viburnum and a winter honeysuckle and so is a bit weedy. But when it flowers ………

  • Variegated Honesty self seeds about and some years there are a lot of plants in the garden and some years there aren’t. This is a not many year but those that have made it are an impressive size.
Despite the rain the Dutch Iris are starting to flower
  • Amazingly, Tulip ‘Groenland’ is still standing, sort of

It’s forecast to be mostly dry today here, a respite before tomorrows rain. I’m hoping to get outside later to do some clearing up and some SnS rounding up (they’re having a field day) – exciting stuff 😂. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

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6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 22/05/21”

  1. I had some ferns in the ground when I first moved in. Not sure they were planted or wild, but they’ve long since disappeared. They’re pretty. I love your bird in the first photo.

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  2. I like ferns, which is just as well because there are a lot in my garden! They are very useful on my north facing steps too, as are fuchsias and skimmias, hydrangea and heucheras. And wild violets have self-seeded in the cracks along my granite ledge (not sure what else to call it). I have tried clematis, but without much success (in pots, there is nowhere to plant) and I have thought about some roses, but not tried any yet. It’s a difficult place. No sun at all, but fairly light. There are a lot of pretty ferns and I bought some of the Japanese painted ones a couple of years ago which are coming back.

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    1. I’m gathering quite a collection of ferns since the fern wall was built last year. I think some would prefer to be in the ground, and may end up there with their existing relatives, but it’s fun seeing the differences between the varieties.


  3. I do like that tulip, it was one I considered last year but I went with a top up of Angelique. I think I will give it a go this year. My weigela is not only just in flower and is need of a good shape up this year. I have let it grow without pruning for a couple years to see how tall it got. The time has come to shape it. Slightly reassuring to hear that your seedlings are slow, what more can we do? It is an awful Spring for seedlings.

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