Six on Saturday 15/05/21

You have to be careful what you wish for. A few weeks back the garden was suffering from a lack of rain and I was almost doing a rain dance. We have had so much rain since then that the garden is almost awash in places. The plants are thriving in it and the garden is looking very lush and green. Unfortunately, the SnS have all emerged and are making up for lost time. I’m not sure if my patrols really make any difference but I feel as though I’m doing something to help the plants. Between the rain and some very windy days the Tulips, sadly, have all but finished. It’s been a brief, but beautiful display here. Yesterday was a dry day though and it was good to get outside. I have been hardening off the Dahlias for a couple of weeks and desperately need the coldframe room and so I took the plunge and planted them out in their new bed. I’ve got everything crossed that we don’t have any more frosts (we had one last week).

  • The herbaceous border is filling up and I’ve started staking some of the plants. I was worried a while back that I’d thinned out the Forget-me-Nots too much. I needn’t have been!
  • There’s just a few shrubs in the above border including Sorbaria sorbifolia which has lovely coloured new foliage. It does sucker but they are easily removed.

  • In the same area the perennial Cornflower, Centaurea montana, has started flowering. It’s a great plant for the bees.

  • Last from this border for this week is Angelica gigas or Giant Angelica. I was hoping it would grow a bit more giantish before the flowering spike ascended.

  • The last Tulips to open here were T. ‘Blueberry Ripple’ although I have to say that they seem more like raspberry ripple to me. They have also been the most wayward of the Tulips, pointing their heads in all directions throughout the day.

  • I grew a couple of Heucheras and a Fern in a pot for a winter display but they need to go in the ground in a more appropriate place now. I also need the pot for the summer patio.
H. ‘Little Cuties Coco’ on the left and H. ‘Little Cuties Blondie’

This doesn’t count as a Six as it doesn’t have a bullet point, honestly. We had a surprise visitor in the week

In all the years we’ve lived here I have never seen a pheasant in the garden or even in the local fields.

There’s more rain forecast for the weekend so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done outside but a good indoor activity is catching up with the other Sixers at

Have a great weekend, whatever the weather brings.

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 15/05/21”

  1. Your herbaceous border looks lovely, and so does that lovely combo of heucheras and orangey tulips – I love the directly behind the heuchera pot in the middle of the photo – is it Cairo by any chance? Am a big fan of Centaurea montana too, and have just bought and planted some – but too close together as judging by your photo they become quite big!

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  2. You can never have too many forget me nots. I just wish you you knew where they will spring up next. Your garden is looking lovely.

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  3. The Sorbaria leaves are a lovely shape and color. I have been wanted Angelica in my garden, but haven’t yet seen it for sale. One of my favorites. Congratulations on your pheasant visitation – seems like a good sign.

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