Six on Saturday 24/04/21

I seem to have spent an awful lot of time watering this week. It’s been a very sunny week with a couple of frosty nights at the start but it’s two weeks (exactly) since we had any rain here and there are a lot of plants in pots at the moment. The shading has gone up in the glasshouse so the newly pricked-out seedlings are having a slightly easier time now. It’s the time of year when a glasshouse extension would be really useful. Lack of rain aside, with the tulips getting into their stride the garden is very colourful at the moment. This is the view from the top of the back garden down towards the glasshouse and here’s a bit more detail for this weeks Six.

  • I’m sure I could have sat and watched the Lamprocapnos spectabile grow before my eyes in the last couple of weeks. This plant is quite old and, as you can see in the above picture, it is quite large.
A few of the new crop of seedlings are visible in the gravel.
  • It was very tempting to grow mostly the same Tulips as last year as I was so pleased with them but at the last minute I ordered mostly new (to me) ones. I went for some softer colours ones, including white, but have decided that it’s mostly the stronger colours that do it for me – I’m the same with fabrics for my quilts. The sun was a bit strong when I took this photo and the colours have altered a bit.
L to R Tulip ‘Suncatcher’,’Lasting Love’ and ‘Cream Cocktail’
  • A new favourite is T. ‘Antraciet’.
  • The best laid plans can go quite wrong when bulbs aren’t as they are labelled. Every year I plant several pots with layers of bulbs, usually Crocus/Iris followed by Narcissi followed by Tulips. The Tulips in this pot are a shorter variety and are beautiful

It’s just a shame that the Narcissi weren’t the early flowering variety that they were supposed to be.

  • Last Tulips, for this week anyway. I tend to plant single varieties in a pot but when I was choosing for this year there was a suggestion to plant ‘Queensday’ and ‘Whispering Dream’ together. I really shouldn’t have tried it! I think that they are both lovely in their own right but that they don’t do anything for each other when sharing a pot.
  • I cut the old leaves off of the Epimediums a few weeks ago. The first to flower is usually E. ‘Rubrum’ (I think that’s the variety, the label has gone walkabout). Unusually, the new leaves have come up at the same time as the flowers so the effect is a little different this year.

It goes well with it’s neighbour Pulmonaria longifolia (well I think it does).

Another warm day is forecast for here today, 18 degrees, but the nights are still a bit cool, three to four degrees. I’ve more seedlings to prick out, goodness knows where they are all going to go! Am I alone in not being able to just prick out a few seedlings and then compost the rest?

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10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 24/04/21”

      1. There’s something strange with WordPress, I think. I tried to post a comment on Jim’s site but had to re-register my details. I have had to start using Block editor, which I will soon get used to, but that shouldn’t affect my comments.

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  1. ‘Antraciet’ is a lovely colour. I have tried different tulips each year (there are so many it is a shame not to) but really my heart belongs to the darker reds, purples verging on black, the coppers and the oranges. I have some whites at the back of my garden along with white narcissi and they do look nice in the distance. I like your long view of the garden, always nice to see more than just plants, speaking of which my bleeding heart is growing fast too, but sadly several bits have broken in this tiresome wind!

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