Six on Saturday 13/02/21

There’s been no gardening activity here at all this week as it’s been so cold and the ground hasn’t thawed since Tuesday. I’m looking forward to getting outside next week as the forecast is for warmer (relatively) weather although some rain is also forecast. Can’t have it all, especially not in February.

  • The soil is very alkaline here so the couple of dwarf Rhododendrons that I have are in pots. The flower buds have been fattening up nicely but now some of the buds on one of the plants have stopped and are going black. Is this Bud Blast?
Problem buds at the bottom of the picture
  • With this prolonged (for here) cold spell the Pansies, Violas, Irises and Hellebores have been flat on the ground for days. I’m sure that the Hellebores will recover but I’m not so sure about the other less robust plants. A definite casualty is this variegated Erysimum. The grown on cuttings in the cold frame have also succumbed, sadly

  • I finished cutting virtually all of last years herbaceous stems down before this cold spell but left Chasmanthium latifolium as it holds shape well. Although the new growth is coming up when I want to remove the old stems they will just pull away at the base so there’s no worry about cutting the new leaves.
Flattened seed heads of Chasmanthium latifolium
  • In the glasshouse Echiveria ‘Black Prince’ isn’t fazed by the cold

  • I don’t have many evergreens within my small garden but there are several on the boundaries. When sitting in the front room I look out on a mixed hedge I planted between ourselves and the neighbours. By the house is Aucuba japonica. I cut it back hard every other year to keep it within bounds and at this time of year the foliage is very welcome. It also helps to ‘hide’ the dreaded wheely-bin
  • Although, it’s been bitterly cold there hasn’t been an awful lot of sunshine, sadly, but when it came out on Wednesday it was very welcome and the Birch tree lit up. I think it’s a pair of Blue Tits in the branches but birds haven’t been visiting the feeders much, despite the frozen ground. Have others found the same? We seem to have far fewer birds visiting this winter.

Hopefully, with a thaw and some warmer weather in the coming days I will have more signs of life for a Six next week. Time will tell which borderline plants won’t have made it through the winter but at least some gaps will give room to plant some of my online purchases made during gardening inactivity. Plus all the plants that are going to grow from all of the seeds that I’ve bought! Best not tell The N-G. Our secret.

I’m really looking forward to seeing some exuberant planting from Sixers in other parts of the world this week. Catch up with everyone at

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 13/02/21”

  1. Nice to finish in the sunshine. Certainly Wednesday and Friday were very sunny here but bitingly cold……….the washing dried beautifully, though. 😀 I’m struggling to find anything of interest in my garden at the moment. Never mind, spring is not far away.

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      1. It is getting difficult to find an interesting Six-on-Saturday, but I still enjoy seeing everyone else’s posts. I must admit I feel guilty even thinking about missing a week. 🤔 I’m sure I will see your post next week. 😇👍

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  2. Great last picture with blue sky ! Regarding the rhodo buds I have ( and I had) some looking like that. Probably they won’t swell or flower. I don’t know what is the reason, but it’s a small percentage of all flower buds, so that’s okay.

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