Six on Saturday 06/02/21

It’s been a mixed bag, weather-wise, this week and it has been lovely to see the sun a few times. It makes the world seem a better place when it shines. I have managed to cut some of the old herbaceous stems down as they are looking very bedraggled. It’s still too wet to do much else and the continuing heavy showers don’t help. Thankfully though, here in the south-west we won’t be visited by Storm Darcy. Having just read Jim’s latest Six I rushed out to check on my autumn sown seeds. They’ve certainly had the cold but there’s still nothing showing above ground so no late arrivals to the SonS party.

  • As I was cutting the stems down I was amazed at how many small slugs and snails there were. It might explain why the primroses all look like this (or worse)
  • While cutting down I dug up a nearby clump of corms/bulbs(?) that I must have planted in the past but can’t remember doing so. I noticed these growing a couple of years ago and they produce leaves but no flowers. After two years I’m guessing that they don’t like where they are. Can anyone help identify them? They have a very flat base. Gladious byzantinus?? I have a vague recollection of being given some of these but have never seen a flower.
Mystery plant
  • One bulb that does really well here is Allium christophii. I leave the giant seedheads in-situ through the summer and autumn and over the years they have self-seeded very generously and there are now several clumps in the border. I removed and gave away several quite large bulbs last year but there are hundreds of replacements germinating to take their place. I need to do a cull. It’s a nice problem to have, I guess. The SnS sadly don’t eat the germinating shoots but wait until the leaves appear on the larger bulbs then feast on those.
Newly germinated A. christophii among the Forget-Me-Nots
  • Another plant that seeds around is Crocus thomasinianus.
  • The wallflowers that I planted out in the autumn are being eaten, along with the primroses. A few are also starting to flower.
  • In a dark corner the dark leaves of Heuchera ‘Binoche’ are set off by some Snowdrops.

That’s my Six wet, muddy and somewhat eaten things for this week. It has to get drier soon, doesn’t it?

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Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 06/02/21”

  1. Depending on the place in my garden, the primroses have holes like yours in the leaves… I do suspect the petty small slugs….
    Regarding your bulbs, I think it must be that because they look like my Gladiolus callianthus.
    Last point, I also presented this week wallflowers but yours seem to be ahead of mine because you already have floral stems.

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