Six on Saturday 30/01/21

More of the wet stuff and so virtually no gardening is a fairly accurate description of the last week, sadly. Having not been able to work since the start of the pandemic, I’ve looked on the garden (small as it is) as my ‘job’ so not being able to get on with it is very frustrating. I don’t mind gardening in the rain but the ground really is too wet to work. The N-G was digging a hole to replace a rotten post the other day and the hole was filling up with water as he dug. I can’t remember that ever happening in all the years that we’ve lived here. Enough of the moaning Ann – on the positive side the days are definitely drawing out, bulbs are gathering momentum and there are lots of signs of growth visible. And it is only January, after all. So, let’s get on with this weeks Six.

  • The rain falling on the soil has given these (and many other) narcissi leaves an undesirable bi-coloured effect
Mud splashed leaves
  • Looking prettier, the Snowdrops are getting taller and starting to open. This little border is near the back door. The ones on the right are planted under Hakonechloa and are slightly behind the others. Sorry, it was blowy when I took my photos yesterday.
I must cut down the Japanese Anemone! The pink shoots towards the left are Lamprocapnos spectabile
  • Hellebores seem to have slowed down a bit this week. I bought a couple of new ones last year as mine are mostly self seeders that I’ve moved. This un-named double hasn’t done as well as I hoped it might. I’ve not tried Hellebores in this border before so maybe the location isn’t to its liking. I’ll give it another year then decide if it needs to join the plant merry-go-round.
I’m enjoying the beauty of the flower, other things are obviously enjoying the taste of the leaves
  • This young Sarcococca flowered really well last year as the berries show. However, there don’t seem to be many flowers in waiting this year, or maybe I’m too impatient
Sarcococca confusa
  • A project for last year was a fern wall and by choosing a good proportion of evergreen ferns there is still plenty to look out on. This was a new variety to me and it really stands out at the moment. The sedums at the bottom of the picture are sheltering from the rain.
Pteris nipponica

It’s interesting to see the difference a bit of shelter makes for the Doodia media on the shelf above. The fronds that are at the front have suffered in the cold but those further back, under the shelf above, are still green

  • The first of the Iris reticulata opened yesterday. I’ve not grown this variety before and they seem to have a longer throat than others I’ve grown. You’ll have to take my word for it as I wasn’t going to kneel down in the puddle to take a sideways shot!
Iris reticulata ‘Painted Lady’

I’m glad that I took the photo yesterday as last nights heavy rain beat the three brave flowers flat 😢. I know beauty can be fleeting but I was hoping it might last a little longer!

It’s raining again/still so there will be plenty of time to head over to and see what everyone else is up to and, no doubt, add more plants to the ever growing ‘To Get’ list. Have a good weekend, stay safe and enjoy your garden (whatever the weather).

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 30/01/21”

  1. My hellebores are at the same stage as yours. It’s true that there are a lot of flower buds waiting, but they probably don’t like the excess humidity too much. They probably need a little more sun I guess… My first Iris reticulata has also been open since yesterday; I will probably talk about it soon.

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  2. Your hellebore is a pretty colour. Mine are mostly white and only one is flowering at the moment, but I have seen buds on the main plant. I know what you mean about the wet. My garden is saturated and the lawn badly needs a cut (a bit like my hair!) but spring is on its way, we just have to be patient.

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  3. The Pteris nipponica caught my eye, very attractive and evergreen ferns are on shopping list at the moment. Noted! I am also waiting for a sarcococca to do its thing, a new purchase last year and definitely slow to get going. Lovely hellebore, so different!

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