Six on Saturday 16/01/21

Late again. Good excuse though – it was supposed to raining this morning but the sun came out. With a choice between battling with things technical to write my six or gardening you can guess which one won. Anyway, the rain is on its way now so time for another Six. Lockdown time seems to go so fast!

  • It’s been a mixed bag of weather this week but I have been able to get outside a bit and do some clearing up and cutting down. I grow mostly pruning group 3 Clematis – cut right back in March as all the flowering is on the current years growth. I tend to cut back much earlier than I used to as they seem to come into growth much earlier. I don’t see the point in letting the plants put a lot of effort into producing growth that will then be cut off. January has become my pruning month.
New growth on C. viticella ‘Margot Koster’. I’ve now cut the plant back to the lowest growing points
  • I’ve grown Melianthus major in a pot for a couple of years and it spent last winter in the glasshouse. It’s too big to do that this year and so I’ve got it tucked in a sheltered spot in the garden, up by the house. It seems to be having a growth spurt with new leaves emerging. The red in the stipules (?) really contrasts with the glaucous leaves.
  • The Hebe keeps on flowering. The flowers were hit very badly by last weeks frosts but they’ve made an amazing recovery.
Hebe ‘Sandra Joy’
  • I made a good start with the pot washing (how many can I use in one year? Answer – a lot!!!) I lost the motivation in the autumn and the remainder got stacked up behind the glasshouse and forgotten for a while. This week I finally got around to finishing them all and storing them under the staging. I had a bit of a sort through and have a fair number to rehome. I think I’ve kept sufficient though🤣. The larger pots live behind the glasshouse.
It’s a shame that they’ll all get dirty again
  • I grew Impatiens niamniamensis (the Parrot Plant) in the glasshouse in the summer then moved it into the house as the weather got colder. I’d planned to cut it right back but it won’t stop flowering. I’m not complaining though.
  • An indoor plant but I’m hoping it’s allowed Mr P.

Epiphyllum anguligar

Staying home and gardening, or thinking about our gardens, has to be the safest thing to do at the moment. It gives lots of time to catch up with all the other Sixers at

2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 16/01/21”

  1. My melianthus has about the same colours and today it had its first snow with minus 3 ° last night. We will see in a few days how it will have resisted…
    I smiled when I saw all the pots… How many you have and how much work for you… !

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