Six on Saturday 05/12/20

December! How did we get here so fast! I’ve still got a few bulbs to plant – only a few, honestly, but I need to clear some space for them, they can’t all go in pots. Or maybe they can. I’ve managed to start working in the herbaceous border this week but there’s still a lot to do so I hope it doesn’t turn too frosty for a while. I’ve finished digging all of the Dahlias up and have also emptied out the Eucomis pots and am drying them off prior to winter storage. Anyway, here’s this weeks Six starting with a sad story.

  • I unsuccessfully tried growing Begonia luxuriens a couple of years ago and decided to have another go this year. I bought a rooted cutting from Dibleys in the spring and grew it on in pots throughout the summer. It made a reasonable size and, as the weather got colder, I decided to bring it indoors rather than put it into the glasshouse (the downfall of the previous plant). It settled into its new surroundings well for a couple of weeks then last Monday morning I noticed that one stem was wilting. My immediate thought was vine weevils and a closer inspection of the compost revealed one of the beasties. I used the nematodes throughout the summer but I guess you can’t get rid of every weevil. I’ve cut the whole plant back, washed all of the compost out of the roots and repotted it. 🤞
Begonia luxuriens before its traumatic experience
  • On to happier plants. Despite the cold Clematis viticella ‘Margot Koster’ is still putting out new growth and flowering, along with the Honeysuckle that it scrambles through. The Clematis had all but died back and the old brown growth can be seen under the new shoots.
A brief bit of blue sky yesterday
  • The fern wall that was built this year continues to fill out and the Non-Gardener has built the last section. Luckily, I had a few ferns to put on it!
  • The fern wall is behind a Betula jacquemontii ‘Snow Queen’ with more ferns planted in the ground. There is also an area of Waldsteinia ternata that I planted many years ago. This plant will, apparently, grow in partial to full shade in a north, east or west facing border. Mine is in full shade in a sheltered, north facing border. The foliage looks great but the plant has never, not once, produced a flower. Has anyone had any success with this? In the middle of the clump a rogue Cyclamen made an appearance last year and has reappeared again. I have a lot of C. hederifolium around the garden but is this C. coum? I don’t know where it has come from but it’s very welcome.
  • I added a few more grasses following a visit to Knoll Gardens (when we were allowed out!) and Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Red Head’ is still quite green, whereas most grasses are now in their winter colours. The seedheads looked lovely in yesterdays brief sunshine.
  • Another grass to finish with. This is Miscanthus sinensis ‘Silberfeder’. I’ll clear the leaves in the next few weeks but the seedheads will stand all winter.

It takes a little longer to find my Sixes these days but there’s still quite a lot going on, even in a small garden. It’s a cold, wet day today but dryer tomorrow. Those bulbs won’t plant themselves, not even in pots, so I’m hoping the forecast is right.

Have a great weekend. There’s loads of other Sixes and inspiration at

10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 05/12/20”

  1. Good luck with this begonia : I haven’t tried this one yet but it’s been attracting me a long time.
    I had a red Pennisetum looking like that but it didn’t survive last winter. Unfortunately I lost it but I will give it another go next summer…. I do like these plants

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  2. I potted up my Begonia luxurians this week after its second summer in the garden, It’s 1.4m tall and has looked fabulous, worth all the trouble involved in growing it. If the weevils have completely ringed that stem I’d be tempted to try taking cuttings of it, they root very easily.

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    1. I cut the whole plant back and the affected stem seems to be picking up as there was still one root left on it. Cuttings were also duly taken. I’ve read your message to my plant so it knows what is expected of it next year.


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