Six on Saturday 24/10/20

The garden looks different every day now – colours are changing, leaves are falling, late flowers are emerging and space is opening up. It’s been quite damp this week but there’s been a bit of sunshine as well so the autumnal colours can be appreciated. I ordered some more ferns for the Fern Wall which arrived very quickly and have been repotted so now I just need the Non-Gardener to build the final section. No pressure! 🤣 Anyway, here’s my Six for this week. Don’t forget to visit the other Sixes courtesy of our host at

  • The tomatoes and peppers have been cleared from the glasshouse, I’ve not had a great year with them. The space is needed so that I can start to bring in the more tender plants for the winter although, to be honest, most are still looking good outside at the moment. I used to grow tomatoes in a border in the glasshouse and, as the years went by, I would dig some of the soil out and replace it with compost ready for the next years crop. Eventually, the border became very depleted and I switched to growing in large pots stood on the old border. When I cleared them out this year I found little patches of this fungus in the ground around the outside of the pots. It looks like it belongs under water.
Greenhouse coral
  • I grew Eucomis bicolour from seed several years ago and kept them in pots for a few years. Then I planted them out and the ones that weren’t eaten by SnS did so well that their large leaves flopped over adjacent plants. A couple of years ago I put them back in pots and there they have stayed. Their period of interest is really long and even now as they fade the ‘pineapple’ tops are still fresh and the mottled stems are beautiful.
Eucomis bicolor
  • In the back garden Froggy Pond is Iris pseudacorus ‘Variegata’ which, sadly, goes plain green as the season progresses. The pond is tiny so I restart this Iris every year to keep it under control. I’ve been waiting for the seed pods to split open which they must have done in the rain on Thursday.
  • Melianthus major is still looking good on the patio. I’ll move it into the glasshouse when a frost is forecast. My only complaint is that the lower leaves die back during the summer. Is this what they do normally or am I getting something wrong? I grew some short Cosmos in front of it to cover the stems.
Melianthus major
  • Time for some autumn colour. Some of the Michaelmas Daisies have passed their peak but ‘Purple Dome’ has been very slow to get going this year. Slow to grow and slow to flower. I think I’ll move it next year because it should be a lot taller than it is. It rained just before I took this picture and the flower centres are little puddles.
Symphyotrichon novae-angliae ‘Purple Dome’
  • A few years ago we visited Westonbirt Arboretum and the Euonymus alatus were looking glorious. I bought one the following year and it is growing slowly. Very briefly it turns a beautiful red.
Euonymus alatus

It looks as if it is going to be quite wet here this weekend and I don’t think that I’ll be working in the garden much but who knows! Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned.

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 24/10/20”

  1. I also grow the same eucomis and I cut the floral stems a short time ago to collect the seeds. I will soon have to bring these bulbs indoors for the overwintering because mine are in pots… but outside.
    Concerning the melianthus, I also have the lower leaves which turn yellow and drop. Don’t worry, it feels natural to me. Mine is planted in the ground and not in a pot: I will cover it with a fleece this winter and dry ferns on the feet.
    Very nice colours of asters and euonymus !


  2. I picked up a Eucomis cheap from one of the local walled gardens. No flower this year as it was late on in the year but hopefully be good next year.
    If you fancy another variegated iris then Iris pallida variegata is a lovely leaf staying variegated through the year.

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  3. The iris is going to grow where it wants next year! The greenhouse coral is coral mushroom, isn’t it? Interesting, it’s not native to your area, is it?

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    1. Thank you. I’ve just looked up coral mushroom and that’s definitely what it is. It said it grows on underground wood so I’m a bit confused why it’s in the greenhouse border, but it’s very pretty.


  4. Fabulous colour in the Euonymous! I agree that the fungus looks as though it should be on a coral reef. A similar one grew in my garden after a wet spell a few years ago, but it has never put in another appearance. A fleeting visitation!

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