Six on Saturday 17/10/20

Brrrr, there’s definitely been an autumnal nip in the air this week but we have also had some lovely sunny days. It looks like a cloudy but dry weekend so, hopefully, plenty of gardening. There’s still a few (rather a large few!) bulbs to plant and I’ve finally managed to get hold of some wallflower plants although I don’t actually have any room to plant them at the moment. The local growers have, apparently, really struggled this year – along with the rest of us at times. Let’s get started with this weeks Six and don’t forget that there are plenty of others to see at

  • The Amelanchier dropped its leaves without them really colouring up and the Birch tree is heading the same way, sadly. Four years ago I bought a tiny Gingko biloba from a sale table and grew it on in a pot. With the dry spring that we had here I decided to plant it in the front garden as I thought that it would do better in the ground. Despite periods of drought, high winds etc it has done quite well and the leaves have now turned a lovely golden yellow.
Gingko biloba. It needs to grow a bit as the surrounding plants are rather tall by comparison
  • Where do plant labels go! I know this Michaelmas Daisy was labelled, it’s one I bought on a visit to the National Collection at Picton House a couple of years ago. It’s planted at the front of the border but is very tall this year!
Symphyotrichon ?
The flowers open pink and quickly turn white with pink tips
  • Heucheras have performed well this year and I bought a couple of new ones at the Malvern Plant Fair at the beginning of September
Heuchera ‘Wild Rose’
Heuchera ‘Orangeberry’
  • I had intended to redo the border by the glasshouse this spring as there is quite a lot of bindweed growing through from next door. However, with events I decided not to as I didn’t know then when, or if, I’d be able to buy new plants. I’m itching to get going now but it seems a shame to strip it out when there is still quite a lot going on.
Sideways view of a border on the edge of control
  • The main border wraps around the small lawn and still has quite a bit to look at in it.
North facing part of border, very dry under the Amelanchier
East facing section
South section
South-west/west facing. The unknown aster can be seen right of centre
  • With the colder nights the leaves of this sedum have really coloured up. The chimney pot came from my Nan’s garden, via my Dad’s and the beautiful pot was a birthday present last year. Lots of memories.
A real autumnal splash of colour

Thanks for reading my Six, have a great weekend and stay safe.

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 17/10/20”

  1. I haven’t seen such pale michelmass daisies before, very pretty. The heucheras are lovely colours too. Why does the bindweed always come from the next door garden? There is artificial grass, plastic flowers and concrete next door, so how does the bindweed get under or through the gravel boards?

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  2. There’s nothing more resplendent than a mature Ginkgo and I’m sure yours will grow tall before long as I think they tend to go up rather than out. I love the the butter yellow of their autumn leaves.

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