Six on Saturday 10/10/20

Like most in the UK we’ve had a very mixed week weather-wise and so I haven’t got a lot done in the garden this week. I’ve taken the last of the tomatoes and peppers down in the glasshouse and so have some space to start moving some things in that need some protection for the winter. I have also moved a lot of my succulents under temporary cover from the rain but I was late doing this and some are looking a bit ropey. The glasshouse thermometer says it went down to 4.6 degrees last night so I need to get a move on this weekend. So……. here are my six for this week and you can catch up with other Sixers choices at

  • I’ve mentioned before that most of the garden isn’t visible from the house as it wraps around the side of the house and is, mostly, at the front. With lockdown and not being able to resume my workshops I spend a lot of time sat in the room with no name (dining room extension/conservatory/garden room?) looking out of the patio door down the side of the garden. This is a boundary with a long run of fence panels, a lot of which I have covered with evergreen shrubs and some climbers. However, there are two panels behind the Birch tree border that stubbornly refuse to be covered. It’s north facing, and very dry because of the tree. I have managed to establish some ferns in the ground (mainly Dryopteris varieties and a large Cyrtomium) alongside Hellebores, a Hydrangea and some Fuchsias. The latter are on the hit list as they have been very badly affected by Gall Mite. During lockdown I decided that a fern wall was the way to go and the Non-Gardener very obligingly built the first set of shelves which I duly filled. The second set of shelves are filling up and there will be one more, narrower, set to follow.
Fern wall and unknown Hydrangea
  • Choosing the ferns is the easy part, I haven’t gone for anything that gets over 20″ or less than 12″ and nothing that needs a lot of moisture. They’ve mostly done well but some of the Athyriums have struggled due to my lack of giving them enough water I suspect. I love them all but some stand out
Pteris nipponica

Dryopteris sieboldii
Reverse of D. sieboldii leaf showing the sporangia
Pellea rotundifolia
  • I have quite a few ferns around the garden as well including one of my very favourites. I like it so much that there is one in the wall as well.
Dryopteris polyblepherum, glossy and almost furry!
  • I showed this grouping in the spring and it still looks as good
Heuchera ‘Binoche’, Athyrium Felix-femina ‘Frizelliae’ and Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’
  • Moving away from ferns the Tricyrtis are lasting well
Tricyrtis formosana. I have plans for this fence panel next spring
  • Back to the start location to finish. Beneath the Birch tree is a Fuchsia that never gives me any problems and it will definitely be staying.
F. ‘Lottie Hobbie’

Have a great weekend, whatever the weather. I’m off to plant bulbs, pot up the latest batch of cuttings from the Hydropod, sort succulents……….. the list is, thankfully, endless.

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 10/10/20”

  1. I think we had the same cold night last night ( 5° here) , and that we have to go back and forth to bring in some chilly plants.
    Very pretty set of ferns. My favourite is the Pteris nipponica that I didn’t know.

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  2. Oooh – your fern wall is absolutely fabulous. A roaring success. And you’ve got a Tatting Fern. I bought one this time last year and it’s really thriving – a great plant.

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