Six on Saturday 25/07/20

It’s been a mixed week weather-wise, rather cloudy, some sun and a little rain – all in all a little disappointing for the time of year. However, there’s been plenty of time for gardening, dead-heading is the main job at the moment. Over the last few weeks I’ve been showing the ‘bigger’ picture of my small garden. This week is the week that I run out of garden to show you: there’s just the front garden left. The photos were taken between rain showers so aren’t great, sorry.

  1. Years ago I planted a mixed hedge between us and our neighbours. It’s been left to its own devices for a few years and I’ve started some cutting down recently as it was getting a bit tall and wide. There’s a privet hedge at the top of the garden and roses on ropes and posts by the road. The front garden has to look after itself most of the time and the planting has evolved rather than been planned. It’s mostly left-over plants. The only additions this year are the Ginkgo tree, hiding in the centre (ish) which has been growing on in a pot for a few years, Ricinus communis and some Cosmos. The annuals are self-seeders.

2. Gaura lindheimeri and Verbena bonariensis both seed around, especially the Verbena and a lot of seedlings are pulled out in the spring. They make a good pairing though.

3. The front of the house faces virtually due north but the road end of the garden bakes in the sun at this time of year. The soil is quite heavy clay and large, deep cracks appear when rain is in short supply. The roses enjoy the sun but would do better with more water, I’m sure. They get a good water, feed and mulch in the spring then they are on their own. They peaked earlier than usual this year but there are still a lot more buds on the plants. R. ‘Graham Thomas’ is having a rest but ‘White Swan’ and ‘Crown Princess Margherita’ are in bloom.

4. Rudbeckia lanciniata has taken a couple of years to establish but is starting to thrive. I like the green cones and the bees etc love them

5. Lysimachia clethroides can be a bit of a thug, readily running in all directions but is easily contained. I chop it back to a size in the spring then let it go again. I must deadhead that Cosmos! Not easy as there aren’t any paths as such – wasted planting space!!

6. The porch is north facing and over the years I’ve tried to grow all sorts of things in it but everything just grows outwards and ends up very leggy. Ferns work well on both sides and this Hosta was happy once I stood the pot on the ground instead of up on a step.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour around the estate (🤣) over the last few weeks. Normal service will be resumed next week. I’m very late participating this week and am currently listening to the rain and thunder so will head over a bit earlier than usual to check out some other Sixes courtesy of our host at

Have a great weekend.

18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 25/07/20”

  1. What an interesting and colourful few weeks we have enjoyed seeing around your garden. I have plenty of gaura and verbena boniarensis but not together – very nice. Unlike yours, my roses have been very late so are in full flower now but need constant deadheading.

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  2. your front garden and my front garden would get on famously. mine is stuffed with leftover plants and next to no planning involved. i bet yours is the best on your street, mine is (he said, modestly!).

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  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed this tour around your estate – the front garden is as stuffed full as the rear borders and it looks delightful. I see you have Gaura lindheimeri ‘Whirling Butterflies’ with your Verbena bonariensis and they look great together. I planted a pink gaura ‘Siskiyou Pink’ and it spread rather than grew tall and killed off several other plants in the bed so I cut it right back and then it died on me! I should have bought the white one which looks like little butterflies.

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  4. It’s a shame because it’s so pretty but I don’t like having to buy the same plant again and again. I tried cuttings but they didn’t make it through the winter either. Time to admit defeat and move on


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