Six on Saturday 11/07/20

It’s been a very damp and dreary week and quite windy at times. The plants are looking very lush, although some have been bent by the wind, but they could do with some sunshine now. Luckily, that’s just what’s forecast for the weekend. In last weeks Six I explained a bit about the shape of the garden and showed you what was to the left of the back door. This week I thought I would show you what is to the right.

  1. This part of the garden is behind the garage and runs down the side of the house and garage. It’s not very wide and leads to the glasshouse.

This is my view from the kitchen window and when I planted the Birch tree I knew that it would eventually grow too big and would have to be removed. With fairly regular pruning I’ve been able to keep it for a lot longer than I thought. The bed below is very dry, shady and north facing. I’ve been trying to cover the fence panels for years with very little success. The solution has now been found but that’s for another Six. The bed itself has quite a lot of ferns that are now becoming established.

2. Last year I had ‘spare’ Fuchsias grown on from the previous years cuttings so I tucked them in to give some late colour. They, surprisingly, survived the winter and are doing well.

1a. Back to the view. On the right hand side of the path is the end wall of the garage with this bed.

Many, many years ago the rubble from an old path was buried here so the bed is quite well drained! This is usually seasonally planted but last year I decided I’d revamp it this spring to a more permanent scheme. That plan went out of the window, of course, as I wasn’t able to visit a nursery/garden centre so it’s a bit of a mish-mash. PS. That isn’t bindweed climbing the Pyracantha it’s a leftover Ipomoea ‘Heavenly Blue’. It’s far too dry for it but worth a punt. The slugs are enjoying it.

3. I plant two 16″ hanging baskets, one was in last weeks post and the other is visible in the first photo. The wind whips round this corner so it’s not an ideal spot for a hanging basket but when does that ever stop us. The back of the basket is attached to the wall with two wires to stop it pirouetting! I bought the Begonia “Apricot Shades’ as little plugs last year. They made a reasonable basket and I overwintered the tubers in the loft (first time of trying). The colour hits you in the eye a bit but I quite like it. The other side of the basket is a bit more battered as it’s taken the brunt of the recent windy weather.

4. Through the arch to the left is another bed that was earmarked for a spring makeover. I started removal works in the winter but ………. so again, it’s a bit of a mash up this year. I’ve a busy autumn/winter ahead of me.

5. I have Geranium ‘Rosanne’ further down the garden in a very shady place and it flowers surprisingly well there. Flushed with success I bought G. ‘Bloom Time’ last spring (maybe the previous autumn?) and planted it here. It’s in the process of border domination

6. I haven’t had very much success with my RHS seeds but did have several Adenophera bulleyana germinate. Once they’d grown into reasonable sized plants they went into the borders. The S&S loved them! This one is the only one that has managed a comeback and I was quite surprised that it flowered this year. Whether it manages to make a second year remains to be seen. It’s planted among the Cosmos in photo 4.

4a. Through the arch and to the right is a border along the side of the garage wall. It’s west facing, quite sheltered and absolutely bakes in a hot summer. I used to grow mostly Dahlias for cutting here but I’m not very good at mono-culture (you’ve probably guessed that from the planting densities in my borders). The plants at the bottom of the picture are a few stragglers growing on before being shoe-horned in.

Next week I’ll take you through the second arch. That’s enough talking about the garden. The sun is shining, the wind has gone for now and the plants are calling. Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend whatever you are doing and don’t forget to catch up with all the inspirational plants and ideas courtesy of our host at

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 11/07/20”

  1. Birch trees are so pretty. I had one volunteer (neighbors have one) and it grew so fast. Too fast, it was nearly reaching the wires, so I had to cut it down. It was a shame, but it didn’t fit the plan for the front yard anyway.

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  2. I was bowled over by the view from your kitchen, to be followed by all the other lovely pathways and border photos. This is definitely high season in your garden! Enjoy your week among the beauty.

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  3. all looking very colourful, i particular like that basket of begonias! you know when you’ve been tangoed! i had a single, very floriferous begonia plant that came back every year despite being left in the container over the winter. i think i removed it by mistake when i refurbished the container. oops.

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