Six on Saturday 27/06/20

It’s been a very mixed week weather-wise with rather extreme temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday. Quite a lot of the plants, both in the ground and in pots were showing signs of extreme stress. A couple of cooler days has certainly helped and, hopefully, they’ll all recover. The thermometer in the glasshouse recorded 47.8 degrees on Thursday! That was with the door, four roof vents and five louvres all open. The forecast rain has arrived this morning (yesterday’s, Friday, didn’t) so that should help with the recuperation process. Luckily, photos taken in yesterday sunshine. It’s hard to choose just six things at this time of year and there’s a couple I’ve postponed hoping that they’ll look just as good, if not better, for next Saturday.

  1. This honeysuckle started life many years ago as a cutting from an un-named plant. It is the most floriferous of my honeysuckles and the evening scent is amazing. It has also escaped the blackly infestation that has affected the others.

2. I bought three Zantedeschia tubers two years ago at Malvern Spring Show. When I repotted them last year they had all split into small tubers and so didn’t flower very much. It looks like it’s going to be a good year again this year.

Zantedeschia ‘Picasso’
Z. ‘Red Charm’

3. I waited until number three but, at last, here’s a Clematis and her name is ‘Alionushka’. She’s an integrifolia variety so doesn’t twine. I tie her onto wires as she climbs and easily scales a six foot fence panel.

4. A lot of plants are flowering earlier than usual, including this Hydrangea. No name and not one I would have necessarily chosen but a lovely present a few years ago.

5. Following the early flowering theme – last year was a bad year for Dahlias for me. Those that didn’t succumb to the drought then had to cope with an exceptionally wet autumn. Several had rotted in the ground by the time I tried to lift them and the surviving tubers were quite small. Despite this, the survivors are doing really well this year and some are flowering already, including ‘Verone’s Obsidian’ in a pot on the patio. It didn’t flower last year but was worth the wait. My amateur photographic skills don’t do it justice.

6. I haven’t had much luck with Alstromerias in the past. They’ve provided tasty meals for the SnS. I couldn’t resist this one last year and decided to keep it in a pot. It didn’t seem very happy (nothing worse than a miserable plant) this spring, despite a re-potting so I planted it out and crossed my fingers. I’m sure the very dry weather has helped but ‘Dana’ is very happy. I haven’t managed to persuade myself to pick any yet though.

That’s it. Another Six chosen. I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks peek into my garden. It’s a damp and breezy forecast for today so gardening may be limited. That should give me some time to see everyone else’s choices (I didn’t manage to finish last weeks Six until Thursday. What was I doing? How will I find time to work again, once the opportunity is there?) courtesy of our host at

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 27/06/20”

  1. Very nice photos! These dahlia are original and I also like alstroemeria. About the picture of Zantedeschia, what is the plant behind with drooping green leaves? It reminds me of an Hakonechloa

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  2. All beautiful, especially the clematis. How many times have I tried to grow zantdeschia?? I can never get them to flower and then they disappear. I think you are right about things being earlier this year. I hope we don’t run out of things!

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