Six on Saturday 20/06/20

As Jim so wisely said last week, we need to be careful what we wish for. The rain finely arrived here on Wednesday afternoon. It was torrential for a while accompanied by hail, thunder and lightning. It then rained for most of the night and virtually all day Thursday. The garden looks rather bedraggled at the moment and I’m sure that I can hear the slugs and snails munching on my plants. I’ve stepped up the evening patrols but I’m not sure how much of an effect that has. It makes me feel better though. Having had all of this time to garden means that I’ve staked most of the plants and so they stood up to the bad weather quite well. Given the forecast I took some photos on Wednesday morning for this weeks Six.

1. Clematis have, on the whole, done well this year but, as mine are mostly later flowering varieties, they are flowering very early. This is C. ‘Blue Angel’ plus one with a forgotten name.

2. I bought this one, labelled as C. ‘Piilu’. Sadly, it isn’t but it’s very pretty and very floriferous.

3. This is C. Integrifolia. It’s a herbaceous variety and I grew it from seed. It took years to make a good size plant

That’s enough Clematis (not really as you can’t have too many of them) but on to number four.

4. Geranium pratense ‘Black Beauty’ has the great combination of beautifully divided dark leaves and large (for a Geranium) blue flowers. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to spread very quickly. It survived the winter wet though, unlike several of my hardy Geraniums.

5. Along from the Geranium is Eryngium bougatii ’Pico’s Blue’. The stems are rather lax but the leaves have lovely silver markings.

6. When I went to the RHS Spring Show at Malvern last year I bought another Eryngium, E. zabelii ‘Big Blue’. It’s a stronger growing variety and the flower heads are larger and deeper blue in colour. It’s also very spiky!

The weather is improving, hopefully and there’s plenty of weeding to do here. Where do they all come from! I suspect the problem is that my home made compost doesn’t get hot enough to kill the seeds.
Have a great weekend, I hope the weather is kind for you. Keep in touch with what is going on in the other Sixer’s gardens via our host

7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 20/06/20”

  1. Black Beauty is very nice. It looks like it will still be attractive after it stops blooming. I had some that were so ugly after the flowers faded I got rid of them!

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  2. I have a similar issue with our compost, but I use it anyway and just keep weeding! I like your G. black beauty. Two I added last year (Geranium x pratense ‘Black ‘n White’) haven’t bulked up at all. Maybe these darker varieties all struggle?

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  3. I potted up three seedling ‘Pico’s Blue’ just yesterday so it’s lovely to see your picture of what I hope to have in a year or so. Clematis integrifolia is rather lovely, it’s very satisfying to grow things like that from seed, I shall look out for some.

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