Six on Saturday 13/06/20

Rain glorious rain! The wet stuff finally arrived on Thursday. No huge amount of it but enough to make a difference. The plants have certainly enjoyed it and everything looks so much fresher. The borders are filling out, annual climbers are ascending at an amazing rate and flowers are starting to appear on the Cosmos, Hostas, Aster and even Dahlias. Exciting times! I’m sure they will all appear in future Sixes but in the meantime here are this weeks choices from my garden.
1. I’ve mentioned the Rose Capsid Bugs in a couple of posts this year. I found dozens and dozens of larvae in the compost bins and I’ve seen a few of the bugs on flowers, they loved the late Tulips. The other day I saw this and realised that there is a bit of an infestation. The shrub is Sorbaria sorbifolia and as I got near it to pick the bugs off I thought that a small animal must have died nearby due to the awful smell. Then I realised that it’s the Sorbaria flowers! It’s near the back of the border and I’ve obviously not been near it before whilst it was flowering. I picked off 14 on this visit and have removed over a dozen on subsequent visits.

It’s a very popular plant though – I don’t know what the little green one is.

2. Most Aquilegias have long gone but this one just keeps going

3. The Heucheras have suffered with the lack of rain but H. ‘Lime Marmalade’ is flowering well.

4. Several of my hardy Geraniums didn’t make it through the wet winter. G. psilostemon did survive, although reduced in size.

The leaves of this and G. Roseanne are being eaten but I can’t see by what. Some of them look like lace curtains.

5. Clematis viticella ‘Justa’ is a small variety that I grow up a post. It’s rather understated for a Clematis, but very pretty.

6. I grow some Roses on ropes and posts in the front garden and they’ve been flowering for weeks now. There are also a couple of Clematis that are supposed to gently climb through them. C. Viticella ‘Betty Corning’ is rather exuberant. There’s a rose in there somewhere.

Can we call this one 6a? Whilst taking the last picture I noticed this little caterpillar on one of the rose petals (he had several friends as well). Google tells me it will grow up to be a Vapourer Moth.

I’ve written this with the new editor and I’m now exhausted! The rain seems to have moved on (we could do with some more) so it’s a weekend in the garden for me. There’s a mountain of pots to wash for a start. How was there ever time for work.
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12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 13/06/20”

  1. The larger green things are Rose Chaffer Beetles…I think there has been the largest number this year. The larvae live on dead material. Love the smaller Justa clematis.


  2. I don’t know what that caterpillar is but I hope you won’t discover what it’s favourite meal is! 😲🥀 Your rose/clematis mixture is lovely but how do you deadhead them that high up? Pretty Six-on-Saturday again.

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    1. It’s psilostemon. I haven’t been able to get an Ann Folkard locally to replace one I lost. I tried Mrs Thompson which, apparently, comes from A F but it grew too tall and didn’t have the yellow-green foliage


  3. Love Betty Corning, I’ve nearly bought it more than once but refrained for lack of a suitable home. I’ve found the odd vapourer moth caterpillar on my strawberries. I don’t mind the odd one but occasionally they come in serious numbers and are a menace.

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    1. I only show the good ones! I’ve a couple that don’t seem to make much progress. They’re supermarket ones and, although I pot them on for a year, they don’t seem to build up that crown. One day, hopefully. They get blood, fish and bone in March then some chicken pellets a bit later. Then I feed them when I remember to feed the roses, with rose fertiliser


  4. beasties! pesky things. something is eating my canna leaves. could be slugs or snails but i never catch them in the act and there is none of the usual trails. i quite like the new editor, certainly on the PC, haven’t tried to use it on my phone.

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