Six on Saturday 06/06/20

This week has certainly finished with very different weather than it started with. Watering still seems to be a virtually full time job though, trying to keep the recently planted plants alive until they can get established. Last weeks rain dance failed yet again, I’ll have to learn a new one. We had a bit of drizzle earlier in the week  but that’s the extent of the weeks rainfall. The established perennials seem, mostly, to be way ahead this year which gives plenty of choice for this weeks Six.
1. A couple of weeks ago I found myself looking at Surreal Succulents website and somehow managed to buy a few plants. They duly arrived brilliantly packaged and in excellent condition and are now grouped in a couple of shallow pans. The drizzle drops looked lovely on them the other day. This is Crassula perforata.EA0C9411-D502-4E60-9939-39D4BA8E5A95

And this is Echeveria chihuaheunsis ‘Raspberry Dip’. It was a bit windy for the macro lens but succulents don’t move much! 4DDCC1D9-5072-4AA8-829A-7A8864986AE4
2. Honeysuckles are starting to flower, although a couple of them have rather a lot of greenfly. This one, for whatever reason, is clean.FF73BD52-3FE3-4D21-8E8C-A66D1F9DFF81

3. I grow mostly the later flowering type 3 Clematis. This is the earliest that I’ve known ‘Margot Koster’ to flower. She grows by the glasshouse with an un-named Honeysuckle up a post and over an arch. From the glasshouse side of the arch –BDAFAC54-BD6F-419A-90B7-7A366D076C5F

and round the other side it’s escaping up the Amelanchier.99F373D3-CD65-40EA-BE7F-2571D5ACC3F2

The only thing worrying me is that with everything so far ahead what is going to be left to flower by July?
4. I don’t think that the Solenostemon have enjoyed the extreme heat and they’ve been very slow to get going. The leaves are amazing. This is ‘Peter’s Wonder’.6B5DA034-0DE8-4B3D-A2DB-0E17F28B975B

5. Erysimum linifolium ‘Variegatum’ has been flowering for months. I used to grow ‘Bowle’s Mauve’ but, although I love the flower colour (and longevity), I’m not very keen on the leaf colour. I must do some cuttings of this plant before it exhausts itself. The cane is a temporary support for a Ricinus that will, hopefully, come up behind.69DCA92D-31B7-4936-B211-00A8A6AD14A5

6. To finish with, this is Astrantia major ‘Ruby Wedding’. It’s not as strong growing as the white varieties (for me, anyway) and doesn’t seed around as they do but is such a beautiful colour. It’s somewhat darker than in this photo.58C11684-E868-4ED9-B354-907F0507978A

I’ve just realised that there’s a bit of an unintentional colour theme going on this week.
Have a great weekend, whatever the weather throws at you and when you need a break from the sun/rain/wind you could spend it checking out the other Sixers gardens courtesy of our host at

7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 06/06/20”

  1. Your unintentional colour scheme is just to my taste. I love the dusky purples and pinks. The astrania and clematis are my favourites. I’m also wondering what will be left to flower as everything is so early. I hope you get some decent rain soon.

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  2. Your clematis is really going well. How old is it, that it’s that huge? Love your astrantia, even if the colour’s not as deep as IRL. If you figure out how the one honeysuckle bloom escaped greenfly, let us all know – they’ve been horrid this year.

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    1. Hi Lora, the Clematis must be about ten years old now. I cut it down to about a foot each February , give it some blood, fish and bonemeal and away it goes. I wish all my Clems behaved like that. The Honeysuckle it’s with is covered with greenfly but Margot is free of them. It is a really bad year for aphids

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  3. I also like your themed colours. All very beautiful. I don’t why but I can’t find your site via the wp seach page or I only get to your first SOS post, probably my own technical deficiencies but I can get to see the garden via the Props page. Nice to drop by again.

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    1. All technical deficiencies are purely mine! Its a miracle I manage to do this. Whenever I go to my site it only takes me to my first entry and I don’t know how to alter that, sadly. The later posts are listed at the bottom. I’m dreading the new editor – it could be the end of my Six career 🤣

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      1. Aah, I understand now. I’m still using classic and have the same feelings. I’ll have a look and see if I can help re order of posts. Hey Jude is going to see if she can help on something in block editor. Let’s hope we can all help each other.

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