Six on Saturday 07/03/20

It’s been all go here. Last weekend was spent in Belfast visiting family. Back to work for a couple of days then up the M5 and M6 for a Christmas present short break to Keswick in the Lake District. It was the first time of visiting this stunning place and we’ll definitely be returning. We were very lucky with the weather, dry and fairly sunny,  although there was snow higher up and a lot of evidence of the very recent flooding. We got back rather late last night and I’m off to work today so I haven’t had time to venture out into my garden. Therefore, this weeks Six is a quick one from Keswick.

1. The hotel has grounds of about four acres, mostly trees and large shrubs. This is a bed near to the dining room.


2. There are several lovely parks in the town with great bulb displays  I forgot to charge my phone so the Non-Gardener took some of the pictures.



4. Other beds through the town are looking good



6. Tree trunks, ground, walls, everywhere is covered in the most beautiful varieties of moss.

And close up

9422FA80-5A0B-4D18-AAA5-13A4EE2B0FCDI can’t wait to get out into my garden (Sunday, hopefully) and see what’s new for next weeks Six.

A last picture, Derwentwater


Keep up with the other Sixers courtesy of our host at

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 07/03/20”

  1. We had a week in Keswick several years ago at the end of May. It really is a lovely town and the lakeside walk is great. When we were there the churchyard was full of Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Must admit we were almost tempted to make it our next home!

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  2. It’s always lovely to get away for a while and see new places – especially when they have plenty of planting to inspire the imagination. Your Non-Gardener did fine with the photos! I hope you manage to get out into your garden tomorrow.

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  3. The last photo is charming- such lovely soft colours. It’s nice to get away, and then back to see what’s happened in the garden during one’s absence.

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